ORBIT REFLECTION SERIES: a 40-day journey to Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos & Thailand


To celebrate my birthday, I asked my dearest friends to write me a letter which I read each day during my 40-day trip to Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.

JK Bhutan 32JK Bhutan 23JK Bhutan 24JK Bhutan 28JK Bhutan 18JK Bhutan 4

Gross national happiness” is within you.

In our art tour in Bhutan, we visited an elementary school during their morning assembly. The students started chanting their morning prayer, then all of a sudden I was in tears. I didn’t understand a word, but it struck a chord in me.

Bhutan is an impossible dream, but when the timing is right, Bhutan will come to you. Being here to celebrate my orbit on earth was bound to happen. I am meant to be here. I am where I should be.

JK Bhutan 13

Humility & Generosity

I watched the sun rise and the sun set on top of a temple in Bagan, Myanmar. It was a breathtaking view, I was reminded of how lucky and grateful I am to be alive.

At an alms giving ceremony to the monks, I witnessed that there is no giver and no receiver, just giving and receiving.

JK Myanmar 18JK Myanmar 7JK Myanmar 16

“The moon is full, and so is my heart.”

In Luang Prabang, Laos, I stumbled upon a ceremony in one of the temples during the evening. It was Vesak or Buddha day, a holiday tradition observed by Buddhists. There were monks chanting and people holding candles, glowing beneath the moonlight – it was a mesmerizing sight.

On my journal I wrote – “Today is a present… Realization and inner transformation occured. Strength and power, remembered.”

JK Laos 13JK Laos 14JK Laos 1JK Laos 15

I ended my journey in Thailand where I met a buddhist nun whom I sat next to inside a bus. She told me “Today can be your last day, today is gone Tomorrow, so smile and embrace the world.”

JK Thailand 3JK Thailand 1JK Thailand 8JK Thailand 2

“The foot feels the foot when it touches the ground.”

In the countries I visited, I always had to remove my footwear to enter its sacred grounds. The weather was hot and humid, it felt like walking across burning coals, but what an experience it was to feel the earth under my feet. It kept me mindful. It kept me grounded.

JK Myanmar 6

JK Myanmar 11

Reading the orbit letters made me feel grounded as well. There were letters that made me smile, laugh and cry. There were things I’ve forgotten and was reminded of again, things that might be difficult to say, so it was better written. I am touched by how my friends and family sees me. I am reminded of the memories we shared, also how I’ve affected their lives in some ways. I am reminded that I’ve always been a happy and positive human being. Perhaps happiness then was more personal, but now it’s more about sharing this joy with others.

JK Bhutan 3JK Bhutan 25

Coming Home

Coming to Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand felt like being home. I always see the Philippines in each country, I even look like a local. It felt familiar yet each experience was different. Every country I stayed in brought a lot of learnings and discoveries about myself and about the world.

JK Laos 5JK Laos 11JK Myanmar 8

I went on this journey empty, and now I’m full…

I realized that this is the best version of me so far. I am who I am today because of the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been, the experiences I’ve been through, and because of these, I am the happiest person in this planet.

On this 40-day journey, I met travellers who asked me of my age not because I look it, but because as they say, of the wisdom I speak.  So YES I am 40! I feel beautiful, I am at my happiest, and the best Jazel I can be.


* * * More detailed stories on Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos & Thailand coming soon.


NYC EATS – Taking a bite out of the Big Apple

Take a bite, it’s alright!

JK big apple 14

JK big apple 17

JK big apple 18

Searched for the best brunch place near Central Park and ended up at SARABETH’S (40 Central Park St.) Of course, there was a queue when we arrived, but it was worth the wait.

JK big apple 12
Salmon & Eggs Benedict / Strawberry French Toast / Capuccino
JK big apple 13
Aruruteynkyu Primrose for coming all the way from Massachusetts (?) to hang out with me and for this yummy brekky treat 😉


Croissants aux Amandes /  Croissant with salmon and cream cheese / Cheese Pretzel / coffee


JK big apple 29
From RAFIQIS food truck with the best Tilapia fish and rice for $5
Onion Rings, Hotdog Sandwich with lotsa pickles before watching a Broadway musical

Stumbled upon this little resto in Broadway and had this delicious bowl of comforting soup. The place was slowly filling up, good thing I got in early and found meself a space.

JK big apple 2

Crossed the Brooklyn Bridge in search for the Smorgasburg flea food market. We thought it was not too far from the bridge, but we were oh so wrong. It was a hike, I tell ya! A pilgrimage for food!

JK brooklyn

JK my ny 70
90 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

JK my ny 71

JK my ny a
Mashed plantain, tomato sauce, cilantro with chicharon – delish!
JK big bite 6
Indian Prata with sidings
JK big bite 5
Sugarcane juice and tostadas

Went to SERENDIPITY to have their famous frozen hot chocolate.

JK big apple 22
SERENDIPITY NYC 225 E 60th street

Ate it with some nachos and got weird stares from other customers. So What?! We like our sweet with savory 😉

JK big bite 1
473 Bergen Street, Brooklyn
JK big bite 2
too many choices
JK big bite 3
ended up ordering a salmon cream cheese bagel – best!!!




JK chelsea market

I was dying to try their lobster roll. The place was packed but eventually i got meself a seat, elbow to elbow with other customers. I was too shy to take a photo of my sandwich, so i just savored every expensive bite of this soft tangy lobster roll. Oh, It was delish…


Of course I had to see this magnificent space! What’s also great about this is that they have Shake Shack inside, haha 😉

JK big apple 5





If you want to try “Shake Shack,” avoid the crowded ones like the branch in Broadway. Try going to the food court area at the Grand Central Terminal instead. Get the famous cupcakes from Magnolia bakery while you’re there.

JK big apple 6
89E, 42nd street
JK my ny i
Cheeseburger, Fries with cheese, and Strawberry milkshake
JK big bite 7
late night Vietnamese bo bun
JK big bite 4
Berry delightful dessert at a french patisserie

Bangenge sa busog yah!

JK big apple 23

The moon is full and so am I.



MEXICO: Dia de Muertos in Oaxaca

JK oax dia de muertos 58

JK oax dia de muertos 57

JK oax dia de muertos 56

The Day of the Dead is about giving respect and honouring our loved ones who passed away, but here in Mexico they do it in a festive and colourful way.

JK oax dia de muertos 9

JK oax dia de muertos 14

JK oax dia de muertos 20

JK oax dia de muertos 23

On a dia de muertos tour arranged by my amigas, I went to the southern part of Mexico in a place called Oaxaca (wa-ha-ka). Packed in a small bus, fellow travellers and I were brought to a local public cemetery. 

JK oax dia de muertos 66

JK oax dia de muertos 13

JK oax dia de muertos 44

There was a stage with loud blaring speakers, a street market selling food and souvenirs, people offering us pan de muerto (a special bread during the day of the dead) and hot chocolate de oaxaca for free.

JK oax dia de muertos 42

JK oax dia de muertos 43

There was a bit of pushing and shoving to get inside the cemetery.

Once inside, a sensory overload!

JK oax dia de muertos 32

JK oax dia de muertos 36

JK oax dia de muertos 35

JK oax dia de muertos 38

JK oax dia de muertos 31

JK oax dia de muertos 30

JK oax dia de muertos 29

Friends and families gathered around elaborately decorated graves, the air a mix of marigolds and smoke from burning candles, mourning melodies sang by hired musicians accompanied by their guitars.

JK oax dia de muertos 24

JK oax dia de muertos 15
JK oax dia de muertos 25

JK oax dia de muertos 12

JK oax dia de muertos 41

It’s like one big fiesta for the departed.

It feels good to be alive!

MEXICO: Skulls & Bones

JK mex halloween 1

JK mex halloween 2

In Mexico, death is not something to be afraid of, here it is celebrated.

JK oax dia de muertos 5

JK oax dia de muertos 6

JK oax dia de muertos 46

JK oax dia de muertos 47

JK oax dia de muertos 3
Marigold is the “day of the dead” flowers in Mexico, used in offerings to the spirits.

JK oax dia de muertos 4

JK oax dia de muertos 1

I made a shoutout in 2011 about me being in Mexico for the Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead), years after I’m finally here.

JK mex halloween 6

JK mex halloween 5

Dia de Muertos is a big event in Mexico, it’s as big as the Christmas celebration in the Philippines.

Everywhere I go, I see skulls and bones in all shapes and forms. Papier-mâché skeletons, candy skulls, aylavett!!! I want to hoard everything!

JK mex halloween 11

JK mex halloween 13

JK mex halloween 9

JK mex halloween 12

JK mex halloween 7

JK mex halloween 8

JK mex halloween 10

I have a fascination for L’art Vanite, and in fact on my very first art exhibit – T.R.I.P (To Rest In Peace), someone saw my artwork of a hand-colored photograph of a cemetery and said it reminded him of the cemeteries in Mexico. I have a knick knack collection of crosses and skulls. I also make it a point to visit cemeteries wherever I travel, and so Mexico is the ultimate place to witness and experience all that.

JK oax dia de muertos 61

JK oax dia de muertos 64

JK oax dia de muertos 45

UP NEXT: Dia de Muertos in Oaxaca


JK arrival 54

JK arrival 42

JK arrival 44

JK arrival 10

JK arrival 22

On the road from the airport to the city, I see eateries and sidewalk vendors selling their wares.I see crazy drivers cutting in and zooming by. I see busy street and crazy traffic.

JK arrival 47

JK arrival 41

JK arrival 26

The sound, the smell, the order in the chaos –  everything feels familiar.I could very well be in my city.

JK arrival 20

JK arrival 18

JK arrival 13

JK arrival 48

JK arrival 9

JK arrival 51

JK arrival 45

Then I see colourful houses and buildings, some hand painted signs in Spanish (which I adore!!!). Okay, this is not Manila. 

Si, I am in Mexico City!

JK arrival 1

JK arrival 23

JK arrival 24

Mexico is a place that feels like home

— but not quite.

JK arrival 30

JK arrival 3

JK arrival 11

JK arrival 4

JK arrival 29

I’m excited to be here! I can’t wait to try out real mexican food, go gaga over their folk art, understand Frida Kahlo, and most especially to experience the Dia de Muertos.

JK arrival 45

JK arrival 36

JK arrival 34

JK arrival 35