NYC EATS – Taking a bite out of the Big Apple

Take a bite, it’s alright!

JK big apple 14

JK big apple 17

JK big apple 18

Searched for the best brunch place near Central Park and ended up at SARABETH’S (40 Central Park St.) Of course, there was a queue when we arrived, but it was worth the wait.

JK big apple 12
Salmon & Eggs Benedict / Strawberry French Toast / Capuccino
JK big apple 13
Aruruteynkyu Primrose for coming all the way from Massachusetts (?) to hang out with me and for this yummy brekky treat 😉


Croissants aux Amandes /  Croissant with salmon and cream cheese / Cheese Pretzel / coffee


JK big apple 29
From RAFIQIS food truck with the best Tilapia fish and rice for $5
Onion Rings, Hotdog Sandwich with lotsa pickles before watching a Broadway musical

Stumbled upon this little resto in Broadway and had this delicious bowl of comforting soup. The place was slowly filling up, good thing I got in early and found meself a space.

JK big apple 2

Crossed the Brooklyn Bridge in search for the Smorgasburg flea food market. We thought it was not too far from the bridge, but we were oh so wrong. It was a hike, I tell ya! A pilgrimage for food!

JK brooklyn

JK my ny 70
90 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

JK my ny 71

JK my ny a
Mashed plantain, tomato sauce, cilantro with chicharon – delish!
JK big bite 6
Indian Prata with sidings
JK big bite 5
Sugarcane juice and tostadas

Went to SERENDIPITY to have their famous frozen hot chocolate.

JK big apple 22
SERENDIPITY NYC 225 E 60th street

Ate it with some nachos and got weird stares from other customers. So What?! We like our sweet with savory 😉

JK big bite 1
473 Bergen Street, Brooklyn
JK big bite 2
too many choices
JK big bite 3
ended up ordering a salmon cream cheese bagel – best!!!




JK chelsea market

I was dying to try their lobster roll. The place was packed but eventually i got meself a seat, elbow to elbow with other customers. I was too shy to take a photo of my sandwich, so i just savored every expensive bite of this soft tangy lobster roll. Oh, It was delish…


Of course I had to see this magnificent space! What’s also great about this is that they have Shake Shack inside, haha 😉

JK big apple 5





If you want to try “Shake Shack,” avoid the crowded ones like the branch in Broadway. Try going to the food court area at the Grand Central Terminal instead. Get the famous cupcakes from Magnolia bakery while you’re there.

JK big apple 6
89E, 42nd street
JK my ny i
Cheeseburger, Fries with cheese, and Strawberry milkshake
JK big bite 7
late night Vietnamese bo bun
JK big bite 4
Berry delightful dessert at a french patisserie

Bangenge sa busog yah!

JK big apple 23

The moon is full and so am I.




NYC on a budget

NEW YORK CITY ain’t cheap, but you can find ways to make the most out of your trip without really spending much. So, here are some NYC “Tipid Tips.





Find a bench or sprawl on the grass – have a picnic, read, draw, write, or in my case, watch the world go by.


A friend gave me this tip – you can see all the masterpiece here for only a dollar! So, instead of buying an entrance ticket which costs around $25, tell them you are going to give a donation instead. I was a travelling artist and out of work, so a dollar will do 😉

JK big apple 10

JK big apple 9

JK big apple 11


Check out some Art in CHELSEA

It’s a wonderful neighborhood full of galleries. So if you love modern and contemporary art, this is the place to be, and you get to see it all for free.


* I will make another blog entry on the different exhibitions I saw on Chelsea 🙂


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TURNING JAPANESE – getting a japanese haircut in Tokyo!

JK nui a  JK nui 25  JK nui 27

Remember the lovely staff of NUI HOSTEL? They were the ones who booked a haircut for me at Broccoli play hair salon here in Tokyo. I looked it up online and found out that Hideki Fujikawa – hairstylist/owner has been travelling around the world, cutting hair. You could say that cutting hair is his passion. I didn’t need more convincing, i’m game!

As you probably don’t know, I always try to get a haircut in cities / countries I go to.

paris haircut
Like this haircut in PARIS
athens haircut
and in ATHENS

Now it’s time to get a new ‘do here in TOKYO.

Well, as soon as I find the salon.

JK to brocolli 6
Nice old man trying to help me find my way

JK to brocolli 3

JK to brocolli 2

I don’t know if i have poor navigating skills or bad memory, or perhaps both, but it took some time for me to reach Broccoli. I had to ask this very nice old man for directions, and he in turn asked everybody else as well. I so appreciate their politeness to help. We tried our very best to communicate as he speaks zero english and me zero japanese. Well, I do know how to ask in japanese if they can take my picture, and to say Oishi, Sugoi, Kawaii, Arigato – but all is no use now asking for directions 😉 Of course except, arigato grandpa-san.

JK to brocolli 7
Good burger and unsweetened iced tea

 Quickstop at freshness burger for lunch! All this walking and getting lost is making me hungry.

JK to brocolli 8

Then it is time to continue with my search…

JK to brocolli 4

JK to brocolli 5

Alas, i found Broccoli jungle in the middle of the city. Yihaaa!!!

JK brocolli 3

JK broccoli int

JK brocolli 4

JK broccoli spam

JK brocolli 2

JK brocolli 5

JK brocolli 1

JK brocolli 6

I gladly waited at the reception and looked around the knick knacks and vignettes inside Broccoli. I love it!!! I am feeling right at home. They then asked me to go inside and was given a wonderful hair shampoo and massage. Afterwards, they served me ice cold beer — ahh the life!

JK brocolli 7

JK brocolli 9

JK brocolli 8

I finally got to meet Hideki, the owner and hairstylist at Broccoli. I explained to him that i’m open to anything and showed him images of my past haircuts. I’ve given him free reign to do whatever haircut he thinks that would  best suit my kind of hair, face and personality, haha.

After years of living abroad, Hideki or HDK decided to go back to Tokyo and put up his own salon. He would have wanted to live in the countryside and closer to nature, but it would be difficult for people to come see him if he’s too far away. At least now that he’s in Tokyo, people like me, could easily find him. If he can’t be in the province, he brought nature with him here. Hence, the jungle in the city.

I asked him why Broccoli, he said he used to have a big afro and he looked like one. And also it’s easier for people to pronounce and remember the name.

JK brocolli 10

JK brocolli 11

Getting a haircut in Tokyo is not cheap, but nothing is in general. But i’m in Tokyo man! I need a new ‘do 😀

JK broccoli pricelist

JK brocolli 12

I tell you, this kind of haircut never crossed my mind. I must say it’s original.

I had so much fun in Broccoli, they even asked me if i wanted to stay and just hang out and drink beer. I wish i could, but my time here in Tokyo is running out.

JK brocolli 13

I need more time to get used to it so off i wander the streets of harajuku.

JK harajuku 3

JK harajuku 4

JK harajuku 1

Slowly, i am beginning to get used to it. In fact, i’m really liking it. Hahaha. I returned to Nui hostel to pick up my camera charger, which i only realized was gone when i came back from Saitama. I was scared that i lost it or perhaps somebody got it, but thankfully, the peeps from Nui kept it for me for 5 days i think. That was a relief. And so when they saw me with my new hairstyle, they said “wow sugoi… kawaii.”

JK harajuku 2Rockin’ and Rulin’ my new ‘do in Harajuku!!!

Ancient Traditions in Modern GINZA (Tokyo, Japan)

From Akihabara, Kanna and I went to Ginza, to ra ra ra, sis boom ba 😀

Ginza (and not Cindys) is the place to be for major luxurious shopping! It is here where you can find flagship stores of famous fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry and not Secosana.

JK ginza 2

JK ginza 20

JK ginza 1

Every weekend, from 12 to 5, they close down the streets to make way for shushaling shoppers like me 😀 Okay, show me the ukays!!!

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