DAY 32: one fine day

2 MAI 2009

From Picardie, off we go to Lisors in Normandy to spend the rest of the holiday with A’s dad.


jk picnic setup


jk picnic


jk the sun is out


The sun is out so we brought out the tables and chairs et Voila! An instant picnic in the garden.

We feasted on some salad, pasta (with cepes and tomato sauce) and steak right off the grill.

Of course, it ain’t complete without the fromage, baguette et vin


jk community cemetery


After soaking in some sunshine, we went to a nearby village and visited a cimetiere


jk handcarvingsjk paster cross



I love hanging out in cemeteries!!! I always make it a point to shoot and visit a cemetery whenever / wherever I travel.

My next goal is to take a photo of a snow-covered cemetery for my collection. 


jk textured heart


I like the textures in the cemetery. The different elements, the memories, the feeling, the silence… 

Death… and being alive. Their past…. my future.


jk spiderweb


and then, it was all Yellow!


jk and it was all yellowjk field of gold


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