DAY 7: Need to open up some more

Waking up early is tres deficile pour moi. French class starts at 10:30am and I was 15 minutes late. The only time I got to speak was when I had to introduce myself in French.

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Jazel Kristin. Je suis realisatrice et artiste visuel. Je viens du Philippines

et je serai ici depuis 2 mois.” 

We were around 20 artists in the class, of different ages with different disciplines from all over the world. There were painters, photographers, multi-media artists, scenographer, dancers, musicians etc. It was like United Nations or United Colors of Benetton, ehehehe ;p We were not allowed to speak in English for 2 hours. We had to try to think and then speak in French but not everybody has the same level. After awhile you start to forget your feminine and masculine words, conjugation, grammar…  and then you start speaking “barok” French. 


sardine can, origami paper, souvenir eiffel tower, found feather
sardine can, origami paper, souvenir eiffel tower, found feather


COMMENT S’EST PASSE LA SEMAINE? (What did you do last week?)

Some said they worked a lot in their atelier, some went to galleries and museums, another artist saw a documentary, some went to Giverny and Auvers sur Oise to check out Monet and Van Gogh, et moi, j’étais en Belgique avec mon cheri ;p

I could hear my tummy speak during class, I pray to god that my seatmate didn’t hear it. Even if I didn’t recite (my teacher didn’t call me and I didn’t volunteer) my tummy did. Note to self: I should eat breakfast before the class.

I had to leave  as soon as our class was over, didn’t get to talk to anybody. Hayyyy… I promise to interact and recite next time. I need to open up some more…


jk work in progress


My head (right brain) is hurting, last night aussi. Too much thinking peut etre




work in progress

(work in progress)

I’m a dreamer but I’m also a doer. All that I have now, all these blessings, is all because I dared to dream.


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