NYC on a budget

NEW YORK CITY ain’t cheap, but you can find ways to make the most out of your trip without really spending much. So, here are some NYC “Tipid Tips.





Find a bench or sprawl on the grass – have a picnic, read, draw, write, or in my case, watch the world go by.


A friend gave me this tip – you can see all the masterpiece here for only a dollar! So, instead of buying an entrance ticket which costs around $25, tell them you are going to give a donation instead. I was a travelling artist and out of work, so a dollar will do 😉

JK big apple 10

JK big apple 9

JK big apple 11


Check out some Art in CHELSEA

It’s a wonderful neighborhood full of galleries. So if you love modern and contemporary art, this is the place to be, and you get to see it all for free.


* I will make another blog entry on the different exhibitions I saw on Chelsea 🙂


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POP ART TOKYO: Yoshitomo Nara & Andy Warhol

Yoshitomo Nara’s characters has witnessed 5 years of my ups and downs.

JK nara postcards

I bought Yoshitomo’s postcard booklet in a museum shop in Paris a long time ago. I was drawn to his wide-eyed, deceptively innocent characters. The postcards were too cute, I couldn’t let it go. So each time something important happens in my life, I write myself a postcard. The character on it should match the mood.

The first postcard i sent was when i got frustrated finding musicians to collaborate with during a performance in Paris, that was in 2009 I believe. From then on, i will bring the postcard set in my travels and write down my impressions and experiences in that country. A few got lost in the mail but it was nice to receive it weeks after my travel and then read and relive that moment.

JK minato 1JK minato 6JK minato 4

To continue the tradition, I searched for Mr. Yoshitomo’s cafe that he designed here in Tokyo. It’s called A to Z cafe. So from Shibuya, I walked all the way to Minato-ku. I saw interesting things and nice shops along the way.

JK minato 2

JK minato 11

JK minato 13

JK minato 12JK minato 10 JK minato 14

I got a bit lost looking for the place. I asked the people around if they have heard of the cafe but nobody knew. I finally found the 5-storey building, hidden at the posh side street of Minato-ku. It would be difficult to stumble upon this place, you have to come here and know it.

JK minato 7

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Shi-BOO-YAH! Tokyo, Japan

For this trip, I’m staying at 3 different hostels. Since it’s peak season, it was difficult to find a hostel to stay in for 10 straight days. My first hostel is NUI hostel & bar lounge, it is by far the hippest hostel I’ve ever stayed in. I declare this the number 1 on my top hostel list. Sorry Rossio hostel in Lisbon, you now have to step down and pass on the crown.

JK nui facadeJK nui 2 JK nui 1

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