follow your art: A YEAR AFTER

JK 11

The 1st of JUNE marks a year of my independence, a year of just following my heART…I may not be as stable financially, but I am at my happiest.

JK animals 2

I am grateful to be able to eat food that fills me up with joy, to still be able to ride cabs when needed be, to have my nest that I adore, to have a place in my heaven on earth to create…

JK 2

To be humbled by people who entrusts me to do things and also earn from it, to no longer be enticed by retail shopping, to be able to live simply, to hang out and have inspiring conversations with kindred spirits, to be able to realize a concept and collaborate with so many artists…

JK 15

To still be able to travel, to have all this time to just follow my he/art, to have supportive friends and family, and to have the privilege to be a full-time heArtist.

JK selfies 1

There’s a lot to be thankful for. I feel very blessed.


JK 9

May the fire in me keep burning,

like this clockwork orange skies outside my window.


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