Q: “How does it feel to be unemployed?”

A: “Excuse me, I am not unemployed, I am a full-time artist.”


JK heron
playnting Patrick Heron (08 AOUT 14)

It’s been 6 months now since the day of my independence and a lot has happen since then… I taught myself how to paint 🙂, pitched a concept for an exhibition 🙂, applied for residencies 😦 😐, joined a competition 😦, tried setting up a business :X, followed my heART and travelled for the first time to North America 😀

JK jawlensky 1
playnting slowly unfolding
JK jawlensky
It’s hard to achieve the background with water-colour so I tried to create depth by adding black. Playnting Jawlensky (10 AOUT 14)

Not having a regular income is quite scary, but aruruthankfully I was able to set aside some money for my rent till the end of this year (good luck next year), paid all my bills, saved enough to travel, cooked more to avoid eating out,  and took the train/jeepney/bus/tricycle & walked more.

As for my finances next year – BATHALA NA (si batman).

JK dove 1
started this playnting the night before
JK dove 2
then woke up at 5am the next day to continue
JK dove 3
and finished it at 6:30am. Playnting Arthur Dove (12 AOUT 14)

I guess the financial realities of pursuing this path hasn’t fully dawned on me yet. Though, I have experienced trying to find ways to earn money when i lived in Paris as an artist.

It was 2010, my artist residency is finished (no more allowance), i couldn’t just depend on my partner at that time to support us. I also realised that I can’t live on art alone, so I tried looking for a job. I applied for different kinds of work, but one interview struck me the most. It was for a fashion brand and they were looking for a visual merchandiser. I thought, “I haven’t really worked in the fashion industry but I’m a visual artist and I’m also into fashion, so i believe i can do this!” Gave my cv, showed my portfolio and then after the interview, I was told that i was overqualified for the job. The interviewer said, “you will be bored here, it is important that you pursue your art.”

JK pissarro 1
my playnting process
JK pissarro 5
doesn’t really look the same but i learned a lot in the process

I needed to earn, so I had to find other ways. The only way i knew how was to create things with my hands, so I started creating accessories, shredded shirts, decoupage letters, art prints and sold them online. That’s when my Rock & Rule shop came about. Our friends became my first clients but then strangers just started buying my handmade goodies as well. I didn’t really earn much but at least I had enough to buy us croissants, pain aux raisins et baguettes 😉

JK pissarro 4
playnting Camille Pissarro (13 AOUT 14)
JK pissarro 6
i enjoyed putting details and lines (grass) then brushed it over with water for it to bleed a little

Fast forward to present time, December 2014.

Yes, I am no longer employed, but now I am my own boss.

JK playnting postcards
PLAYNTING postcards by JK N O W A V A I L A B L E

(ayos ba sa segue?)

The “playntings” are not professionally done bien sur, these are not exact replicas of famous paintings. I’m still a student being taught by the masters from the art book i use as my guide. A work in progress… Playntings and not paintings because i am not a painter, same as i don’t dare call myself a photographer, though i shoot my own photographs that i use for my collage. I also choose not to sign my name on my “playntings,” not just yet, perhaps at its proper time. Naks!

And so the images on these postcards are part of the journey of following my heart. A testament that – Yes! Monsieur job interviewer, I am pursuing my art.

So, send me a message here or on my ROCK & RULE Facebook page (link on the right), if you are interested to avail a <JK Playnting Postcard set.> It is the perfect christmas gift to dreamers and doers, also a way to get in touch with loved ones by sending them a handwritten heARTfelt letter, and not to mention a great way to support independent artists.


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