TURNING JAPANESE – getting a japanese haircut in Tokyo!

JK nui a  JK nui 25  JK nui 27

Remember the lovely staff of NUI HOSTEL? They were the ones who booked a haircut for me at Broccoli play hair salon here in Tokyo. I looked it up online and found out that Hideki Fujikawa – hairstylist/owner has been travelling around the world, cutting hair. You could say that cutting hair is his passion. I didn’t need more convincing, i’m game!

As you probably don’t know, I always try to get a haircut in cities / countries I go to.

paris haircut
Like this haircut in PARIS
athens haircut
and in ATHENS

Now it’s time to get a new ‘do here in TOKYO.

Well, as soon as I find the salon.

JK to brocolli 6
Nice old man trying to help me find my way

JK to brocolli 3

JK to brocolli 2

I don’t know if i have poor navigating skills or bad memory, or perhaps both, but it took some time for me to reach Broccoli. I had to ask this very nice old man for directions, and he in turn asked everybody else as well. I so appreciate their politeness to help. We tried our very best to communicate as he speaks zero english and me zero japanese. Well, I do know how to ask in japanese if they can take my picture, and to say Oishi, Sugoi, Kawaii, Arigato – but all is no use now asking for directions 😉 Of course except, arigato grandpa-san.

JK to brocolli 7
Good burger and unsweetened iced tea

 Quickstop at freshness burger for lunch! All this walking and getting lost is making me hungry.

JK to brocolli 8

Then it is time to continue with my search…

JK to brocolli 4

JK to brocolli 5

Alas, i found Broccoli jungle in the middle of the city. Yihaaa!!!

JK brocolli 3

JK broccoli int

JK brocolli 4

JK broccoli spam

JK brocolli 2

JK brocolli 5

JK brocolli 1

JK brocolli 6

I gladly waited at the reception and looked around the knick knacks and vignettes inside Broccoli. I love it!!! I am feeling right at home. They then asked me to go inside and was given a wonderful hair shampoo and massage. Afterwards, they served me ice cold beer — ahh the life!

JK brocolli 7

JK brocolli 9

JK brocolli 8

I finally got to meet Hideki, the owner and hairstylist at Broccoli. I explained to him that i’m open to anything and showed him images of my past haircuts. I’ve given him free reign to do whatever haircut he thinks that would  best suit my kind of hair, face and personality, haha.

After years of living abroad, Hideki or HDK decided to go back to Tokyo and put up his own salon. He would have wanted to live in the countryside and closer to nature, but it would be difficult for people to come see him if he’s too far away. At least now that he’s in Tokyo, people like me, could easily find him. If he can’t be in the province, he brought nature with him here. Hence, the jungle in the city.

I asked him why Broccoli, he said he used to have a big afro and he looked like one. And also it’s easier for people to pronounce and remember the name.

JK brocolli 10

JK brocolli 11

Getting a haircut in Tokyo is not cheap, but nothing is in general. But i’m in Tokyo man! I need a new ‘do 😀

JK broccoli pricelist

JK brocolli 12

I tell you, this kind of haircut never crossed my mind. I must say it’s original.

I had so much fun in Broccoli, they even asked me if i wanted to stay and just hang out and drink beer. I wish i could, but my time here in Tokyo is running out.

JK brocolli 13

I need more time to get used to it so off i wander the streets of harajuku.

JK harajuku 3

JK harajuku 4

JK harajuku 1

Slowly, i am beginning to get used to it. In fact, i’m really liking it. Hahaha. I returned to Nui hostel to pick up my camera charger, which i only realized was gone when i came back from Saitama. I was scared that i lost it or perhaps somebody got it, but thankfully, the peeps from Nui kept it for me for 5 days i think. That was a relief. And so when they saw me with my new hairstyle, they said “wow sugoi… kawaii.”

JK harajuku 2Rockin’ and Rulin’ my new ‘do in Harajuku!!!


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