FOLLOW YOUR ART: Thy will be done

JK matisse 1 copy
playnting matisse [02 AOUT 14]
JK matisse 2
i use the ART BOOK as my reference
JK matisse 3 copy
It doesn’t exactly look like the real painting because i am no Matisse

I wake up early automatically. I paint. I walk in my ‘hood when i can. I eat when I’m hungry. I sleep when I’m tired. I write. I read. I think a lot. I have time. It can get lonely but most of the time I’m just happy. I do things that feels natural to me. No pressure. All willingly.

JK valloton 1 copy
i enjoyed creating the background [02 AOUT 14]
JK valloton 3 copy
using Valloton’s trees as a peg
JK valloron 2 copy
I like how the black created the shadows and added dimension to the tree

I’ve been having a lot of naps and deep sleeps lately. I’ve been dreaming a lot too. I’ve had dreams set in Greece, New York and even outer space. Dreamt of cooking rice and pasta in a space ship and food like moules frites that i miss. Quotations and text also appears in my reverie, with exact font and layout. {C’est possible! / Simply Intentional / Shit Happens} I call these my dream mantras.

I’m here but my subconscious is elsewhere.

JK van dongen 1 copy
i truly enjoyed playnting this one [03 AOUT 14]
JK van dongen 2 copy
One of my favorites! my version of Van Dongen

I’ve been watching a lot of films as well. Sometimes I instinctively study the layers of colors in the scene. “Ahh yellow first then green and black.” I would also try to translate the subtitles to my basic french. Well this usually happens when the scene is slow. It gives me time to think.

I am here but my mind is everywhere.

JK rouault 3 copy
supposed to look like a stained glass window painting
JK rouault 1 copy
[03 AOUT 14]
JK rouault 2 copy
a Rouault wannabe

A few years ago, I made a shoutout to the universe. It heard me, so it must be done.

I am here now but i can’t wait to be there.

* * *

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