Ancient Traditions in Modern GINZA (Tokyo, Japan)

From Akihabara, Kanna and I went to Ginza, to ra ra ra, sis boom ba 😀

Ginza (and not Cindys) is the place to be for major luxurious shopping! It is here where you can find flagship stores of famous fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry and not Secosana.

JK ginza 2

JK ginza 20

JK ginza 1

Every weekend, from 12 to 5, they close down the streets to make way for shushaling shoppers like me 😀 Okay, show me the ukays!!!

JK ginza 6
the author posing in the posh area of ginza wearing a thrifted pants she bought for only P80!

JK ginza 8

JK ginza 5

JK ginza 7

JK ginza w kanna

JK ginza 19

JK ginza 4

JK ginza 9

JK ginza 27
performance act on the street is prohibited nga eh

We passed by the famed Kimuraya bakery and bought some Anpan or sweet buns. There were a variety of fillings to choose from – chestnut, sesame, even sakura blossoms and sweet beans. In short,”pan de monggoopan de coco.” 😀

JK ginza 16

JK ginza 10
Ginza Kimuraya bakery

JK ginza 13

JK ginza 11
Anpan or sweet roll with azuki bean paste filling
JK ginza 12
parang pan de coco at pan de monggo lang sa atin 😉
JK ginza 14
the Kimuraya bakery right behind

From an anpan made by a samurai who lost his job, to a kabuki drama about two samurai colleagues fighting over a courtesan, Kanna brought me to the newly renovated Kabuki-za theater. It is not evident in this image, but this theater is connected to a 29 storey skyscraper. Talk about mixing old and modern.

JK ginza 18
Kabuki-za theater

Inside, the theater was huge. There were no more available seats so we had to watch it standing up while looking down. I had a translator headset (like a walkman, hehe) so i can at least understand what’s going on.

Sogamoyo Tateshi no Goshozome is a kabuki drama which premiered in 1887. It is about a tragic love story of a man and a courtesan, who pretends to reject him to save his life. In the end, they both kill themselves in the hope of reuniting in the afterlife as man and wife. Kalokah grabe!

JK ginza 15
no photos allowed inside

I didn’t completely understand what they were saying but i feel them and their pain. All roles were played by men and i found their performance moving. I love their elaborate costumes, the stage set-up and the live music accompaniment – I felt very privileged to be here.

JK ginza 17
“Sogamoyo Tateshi no Goshozome” which premiered in October 1887

The mix of the old and the new, is what makes Tokyo interesting for me. I enjoy the variety of artistic and cultural activities here in Japan. I respect the strong foundation of ancient traditions, melding in with modernity. It is this kind of balance we need in life. Naks!

JK ginza 22

JK ginza 21
I saw some women wearing beautiful kimonos going out of the kabukiza theater

JK ginza 23


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