Good thing Naomi came with me to Tokyo. She helped me easily locate Anne hostel in Asakusabashi, and not to mention, helped me carry my now heavy luggage. The hostel isn’t as nice as NUI – the room here is small and this time I am staying in a mixed dorm of 8.

JK asakusa 4

And so just like that, I am back in TOKYO 😀

It was already dark when we went to Asakusa, and yet again, I was drawn to the shops leading to the temple. They are all calling my name – “You are looking for darama, come here! You love local handicrafts, you will love my shop! You want to try this pastry, taste it here!”

JK asakusa 2

JK asakusa 1

I was getting all fired up seeing all these things. Ahhh there are so much i want to buy. Naomi said, it’s better to return here during daytime, with more shops to choose from. No, no, no, NO more shopping please 😀

JK asakusa 7
five-storeyed pagoda (second tallest in japan)

JK asakusa 3

JK asakusa 5
senso-ji temple

JK asakusa 9

JK asakusa 8

JK asakusa 6

After giving in and buying a small darama from an old lady and a miniscule handpainted horse made by an artisan (his shop was even visited by the emperor himself), we continued exploring the area wishing for no more shopping distractions. I particularly like this gritty part of Asakusa. It looks like a scene straight out of Blade Runner.

JK asakusa 11

JK asakusa 16

JK asakusa 10
parang quiapo lang pero mas malinis

JK asakusa 18

JK asakusa 12
gritty yet soooo clean

JK asakusa 13

JK asakusa 15

JK asakusa 14

Distracted yet again but this time by the smell of something yummy. We had dinner in this Asakusa gem called DAIKOKU-YA, apparently known for their tempuras. When travelling, I sometimes prefer discovering restaurants on my own. It can be a hit and miss thing, but if locals line up just to eat here, then i am sure the food is good. And this time, we are right! I actually haven’t eaten any bad meals in Japan. So far, so good 😉

JK asakusa 21
Daikoku-ya restaurant – i took this picture late at night so there’s no longer a queue, but it’s said that lines here especially during lunchtime can get quite long.
JK asakusa 19
the girl on the left (with hairclip) i assume is out on her first date. i don’t understand what she and her date is talking about. Based on her body movements and facial expression, looks like there will be a second one.
JK asakusa 20
tendon number 1 for naomi, tendon number 2 for me
JK asakusa tendon dinner
the food is really good and the shrimp is humongous!

After these wonderful Asakusa distractions, it’s time for Naomi to head back to Saitama and for me to go back to Asakusabashi, in my not-so-nice hostel. (Everything is all sounding the same to me – asakusa, asakusabashi, akihabara, hahaha.)

Good night TOKYO.

Tomorrow, I meet up with Kanna and have dinner with our other artist friends 🙂 But for now, i have to try to sleep in this very cramp room. I think i’m the only girl here, but it’s ok. I just wish that it’s not so stinky, ugh.


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