FOLLOW YOUR ART: questioning the process

JK basquiat diptych
#bumaBASQUIAT (22 JUILLET 2014)
JK basquiat head
it looks more complicated than i thought
JK basquiat diptych b
but i’m happy with the result

I told my painter friend about my learning process; how i look at an image and imagine the layers of colors underneath. He immediately said creating layers of colors is not the way to do it (not his exact words but something like it) and that before i put on the paint, it should have been mixed (with other colors) perfectly, the way you want (for example) the skin to be. You don’t put on one color and just cover it if you make a mistake. You have to know exactly what colors should go with what, before brushing it onto the canvas. He said watercolor strokes should flow like water, because my watercolor tubes (gouache) i use it like oil paint or acrylic perhaps. I’m not using it for its purpose, i’m using it the way i want it to be.

JK basquiat van gogh
Van gogh’s sunflowers and Basquiat triptych (23 JUILLET 14)
JK basquiat triptych
i enjoyed painting Basquiat’s work so much, i decided to make a new triptych set. His works look playful and childlike but it’s more complicated than that.

I felt somewhat taken aback by his reaction, i thought he would appreciate my progress. I didn’t know i would get a little bit of scolding, well it wasn’t exactly like that, but that was what it felt to me at that moment. He hasn’t seen my works in progress, so hopefully he’ll change his point of view when he sees it.

JK horse lady
My horse ended up looking like a dog, and the lady looked like a midget. (31 JUILLET 14)
JK horse lady ws
found THE ART BOOK and started marking the images that i want to paint.

It got me thinking, is my process a mistake even if i get a result that i’m proud of? It’s like getting the right answer to a mathematical problem, but then you should be ready to explain how you got the solution. I’m bad in mathematics so perhaps that’s not a good analogy 😉 I feel, i may be painting the wrong way but i’m enjoying so much the process. I love how excited i am waking up to paint, and staying in my atelier all day long. Isn’t this more important? I honestly felt a bit bad, like he popped the bubble for me. Or maybe i am romanticizing about things again. Or perhaps i am high on my “treading-the-fulltime-artist-path” that i don’t want to accept that my process is not really the way to go.

JK modiliagni a
made a mistake of painting a black background, now the body will turn out dark
JK modiliagni c
JK modiliagni b
The breasts were too high but i liked how the body turned out. The face looked more like ai ai de las alas 😉 hehe

In my creative life, i can say that a lot of the things i do, i learned on my own. I dunno if that’s good but that’s how it is for me.  But then again, perhaps, to really further improve, i should just learn from the masters.


* * *

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2 thoughts on “FOLLOW YOUR ART: questioning the process

  1. Your works are lovely, Jazel! I think making art should never be constricted into a formula or a way of doing…it should be expressed freely by whatever way you are comfortable with. Sure it would be nice to be versed with the proper techniques, but in my opinion, at the end of the day it’s your own technique that should shine thru 🙂 Wala lang, Haha! I love your process and your progress!

    1. Awwwwww super aruruteynkyu gela, this means a lot to me. yes, yes, YES, to all that you said. I couldn’t agree with you more. For now, this process feels right to me. Just following my art now, a lot of feels, hehe, a lot of heart. Thank you again for speaking up and sharing your thoughts 🙂

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