FOLLOW YOUR ART: opening thyself

We all have something to say, we all have a story to tell, I chose to tell mine through images.

I never studied art formally but my parents opened us up to a world of creativity. Mama would buy me and my siblings some watercolors, oil pastels, colored pencils and sketch pad when we were young. We were given the time to create and just be. I guess that’s how i’ve always learned – through exploration, through figuring things out on my own.

JK klimt portrait wip
i ran out of blue paint so i used green instead (for the outfit)
JK klimt portrait 4
I know they don’t look alike but i’m ok with it. I’m happy to discover how to put gradient and create depth on the hair. This is my favorite painting so far. [painted on 24 JUNE 2014]
JK klimt portraits
portraits galore

My parents are both professional photographers but honestly, i never learned the technical side of shooting. Papa tried, he used to give us photography lessons during weekends when we were still kids, but I never really understood the f-stops, aperture and opening. My siblings got that down pat, but me, I just learned how to shoot by feel (aka playing around with the manual settings). What was essential for me was to develop my eye.

JK klimt portrait 7
I try to do it my way. I change a few things along the way.

parang naging hawig ni inday garutay, hahaha
parang naging hawig ni inday garutay, hahaha [painted on 25 JUNE 2014]
I think it was looking at fashion spreads and watching programs on fashion that made me aware of color combinations. It was from my parent’s photography books and their photographs that I learned about composition and framing. When I was earning, I would buy art magazines in book sale. I started hanging out with kindred spirits and was surrounded by creative peeps, masters, artists, filmmakers. I immersed myself in music, theater, film, the alternative scene… but I would say that it was through my travels that I found my art and got my real education.

JK gaugin 6
using my Klimt and Gaugin art book as reference

JK gaugin 5
i’m happy with the result 🙂 [painted on 24 JUNE 2014]
If you have read my other <FOLLOW YOUR ART> entries, you might know that i’ve been trying to learn how to paint. At first, I tried not to use pencil to sketch, I wanted to go straight right it and paint. But later on, I realized how difficult it is to not sketch the face and other details first. I also haven’t checked out any online tutorials or read how-to-paint books. For now, I prefer to explore it my way.

JK frida evolution
the different faces of Frida Kahlo, hilarious!!! [painted on 17 JULY 2014]
I don’t know exactly why i’ve been painting faces or portraits. Faces for me is also the hardest to paint and it’s also something i’m not really into when i shoot stills. I’m kinda shy taking pictures of people, i’m scared that they will shoo me away.

When i was travelling around Asia, i noticed afterwards that I took a lot of pictures of bicycles. I actually don’t know how to ride a bike (olats i know), so perhaps the frustration comes out in the images. I dunno really, i also dunno if i’m doing the right thing painting without guidance, but i’m enjoying myself in this creative process.

JK frida wip
I enjoyed putting details on the leaves and also creating the vine with thorns necklace.
JK frida 1
I paint the eyes last ‘coz i’m scared that she won’t look like Frida 😉

JK finish frida
[painted on 16 JULY 2014]
In the end i guess it’s not important if you are schooled or not, as long as you get to tell your story, the realest way you know how.


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