It’s time to say goodbye to my now favorite NUI hostel. I will miss it here, especially the staff that I became friends with. For my last petit dejeuner, I ordered my regular croissant and coffee. The croissants here in Tokyo are actually good, even better than the ones I tried in some boulangerie in Paris.

JK nui b
HI and TOTTI at the Nui bar ;D
JK nui a
say hi to Ai 😀

Hanging out at Nui’s lounge, I write down my impressions of Tokyo so far

– Tokyo is not as frenetic as i thought it would be

– I didn’t enjoy Shibuya, i prefer the back streets of Harajuku

– they got the best and cleanest toilets here. Wherever you are, you are sure to find comfort in any toilet 😉 i couldn’t help but gush when i first took a shower in my hostel. It’s the cleanest hostel bathroom that i’ve ever been in 😉

– it is safe to leave your bags and gadgets on your table while you go to the loo or order your food in a resto

– the iced teas here are not sweet, you can ask for sugar packets if you prefer

– the japanese are very polite and helpful but maybe not yet that friendly

– in their conversations, i always hear them say “ah-so-so-so”

– i love their sense of fashion. Especially the males! i’ve seen really great dressers in the subway. They look effortlessly cool.The japanese ladies are into khaki trench coats and pearls. The malls are packed with the young ones shopping. Overall color motif of outfits here is gray and black

– if in europe, the locals read books inside the metro, here they use their cellphones, tablets and even laptops inside the train

– i feel safe here

JK nui breakfast
my last NUI breakfast with the map that Naomi drew

I’m visiting my other friend Naomi, that I also met during my artist residency in Paris. I will stay with them for a few days. She even drew me a map and faxed it to the hostel to guide me. But kanna is here to the rescue! She will help me figure out the shinjuku dungeon (aka Shinjuku train station – the busiest station evah!) that will take me to another train to Saitama.

JK bio resto 1 JK bio resto 2 JK bio resto 6 JK bio resto 5 JK bio resto 7

For energy ;p we had lunch at the next door organic japanese resto. YUWAERU is a restaurant that you will not find by accident. Good thing, Ai of Nui, recommended this place to me. At the entrance is a board with their lunch menu which Kanna helped translate for me, we then proceeded at the counter for our side dishes.

JK bio resto 3
my healthy meal – fish with tamago on the side, vegetable soup, brown rice and pickled veggies
JK bio resto 8
people started pouring in to get their fill
JK bio resto 4
my set meal on the left, kanna’s on the right

JK bio resto 9Get set, GO! The point from A (kuramae) to B (train to saitama) was soooooo complicated. I don’t know if i could have done it without Kanna. We went around the subway station, in and out of malls, up and down the stairs with my now getting heavy luggage.

JK tokyo train JK from roponggi 1

JK from roponggi 2

Finally after 10 years and 1 hour, haha, we finally made it to my train. It was raining when I left tokyo, Kanna said this can affect our picnic under the cherryblossom trees since the flowers might disappear soon. Noooo, sakura, wait for me. I need to experience my hanami. But for now it’s good to be out of the city for awhile and to finally see Naomi 😀

JK train to saitama 10

JK train to saitama 1 JK train to saitama 2 JK train to saitama 5 JK train to saitama 3 JK train to saitama 9


Images shot with lipad my i-pad and dslr cam



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