FOLLOWING MY he[ART]: discovering painting

The past weeks, since the day of my independence, i’ve been following my heART. I’m cooped up in my atelier, creating. I lose track of time and before i know it, it’s almost the end of the day. I’ve also been teaching myself how to paint. It all started with a self portrait sketch i did while i took a break from re-editing my documentary. Then i started sketching a bit when i couldn’t sleep. I have a notebook near my bed so i just try to draw until i get sleepy. Day after, i brought out my old watercolor tubes and just painted, i haven’t stopped since.

JK in the beginning
first attempt at painting
JK baby elephant
supposed to be a baby elephant

At first i was just painting whatever flows out of me then i found some inspiration pegs online, then i pulled out my art books and found Klimt and Gaugin, so i started trying to paint that. I don’t really know how, i just figure things out along the way. I just look at an image and try to deconstruct it. I try to figure out the layers of colors used and which color should i put in first. Then day by day, i will discover new things. Usually i do 2 small paintings a day. I don’t have a canvas or even a sketchpad, so i’m using recycled cardboards. Aruruteynks to my sister and friends, they saved up their cartons for me. Now i’ve filled up my table with these.

JK wips
got interested in painting portraits
JK face painting wip 2
hard to paint faces and lips!
JK face painting wip
i like how this turned out. still don’t know how to blend though
JK scary face wip
made a mistake and came up with this. my friend said it looks scary
JK portrait wip
it was difficult to achieve the background with watercolor i think. i wanted to create textures.

I enjoy discovering putting light colors first before layering another darker shade, creating different shades of green, mixing colors to create another color, creating depth and perspective (in my own beginners way 😉 My favorite now is using white. I think it’s a touch of magic. Just add white then everything looks better, hehe. I feel like a kid discovering colors and using crayons for the first time.

JK moon face
the portrait gone wrong and now it looks like the face of the moon. i like how the eyes turned out

I started off with faces, then after a few days, i tried to do landscapes.

The feeling i get doing this is exhilirating. I have no plans of becoming a painter (never say never ;p) but i feel that this could help me evolve as an artist. This can help me take my art to another level (well that’s what i think). Other than that, it just feels good to be excited again, to learn something new, to just follow my art and see where it will take me.

JK klimt landscape wip 1
found my Klimt art book and tried to paint landscape this time
JK klimt landscape  wip 2
it’s interesting to discover how to make different versions of green just with the layers of colors
JK klimt landscape wip 3
mine looked flat in the end, hehe

Sometimes my finished painting look very basic (my skill is still in kindergarten actually) but the layers of colors that it went through was really time and energy consuming. Hats off to true painters, really! Imagine a brown complexion isn’t just brown, it’s a combination of different colors to make it look brown. Basta kaloka, but figuring out how to make it “brown” is enjoyable for me. I never imagined that i could actually paint something that i like, something that i’m happy with, something that makes my heart smile. For now, I paint other peoples paintings to practice and eventually, hopefully, find my own style.

JK klimt tree 2
Klimt inspired tree. Used colored pens in some parts
JK gaugin wip
Gaugin inspired landscape. Haha my version looks oh so childish
JK klimt wip
i enjoyed making the details here but the face, argh, that’s difficult!

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