Shi-BOO-YAH! Tokyo, Japan

For this trip, I’m staying at 3 different hostels. Since it’s peak season, it was difficult to find a hostel to stay in for 10 straight days. My first hostel is NUI hostel & bar lounge, it is by far the hippest hostel I’ve ever stayed in. I declare this the number 1 on my top hostel list. Sorry Rossio hostel in Lisbon, you now have to step down and pass on the crown.

JK nui facadeJK nui 2 JK nui 1

Here we have a cool lounge, where tourists and locals hang out. This also turns into a bar at night. Yi-haaai!

JK nui 21
Showing off my vans! The receptionist said my shoes is sugoi 😀

JK nui 18

JK nui 16

JK nui d

JK nui 17

JK nui 15

The breakfast isn’t free but i’m okay to pay. I love their coffee, croissant & pain au chocolat. I really wish i can have this for breakfast everyday. I know, french breakfast in Japan, huwaaat?! Dontcha worry, I will still get my dose of Japanese cuisine. Remember, I have a mental checklist of what i need to consume here. I know it’s also cheaper to buy something from say, family mart or other convenience stores, but as I’ve mentioned, i love french breakfast so from this day forward, this will be my breakfast combo! Well only for 3 days, then i would need to move my butt to my next hostel.

For now, I need to move it, move it!

JK nui 20

JK nui c
liquour and pastries for breakfast? why not!

JK nui 19

I have decided just now, that I will go to SHIBUYA, yah?!

If you want to get lost, come, follow me…

* * *

This is what I see walking towards the subway station.

JK nui 4
the convenience store on the right, is my landmark to get back to Nui.
JK nui 5
there’s an old toy store further down on the left
JK nui 10
and behind the cherryblossom tree is the tokyo sky tree!

We can choose to make 15 freaking stops from Kuramae to Shibuya via ginza line

or 13 stops via Hanzomon or JR Yamanote line.

JK nui 8
Halukatdat! Everyone is wearing olive green and black.

JK nui 7 JK nui 8

After 13 stops, and after looking at the Japanese tinker with their phones and gadgets (some even with their laptops!), we are finally here.

JK shibuya 1


JK shibuya 6


JK shibuya 10


The scene from the movie “Lost in Translation” is what’s been playing in my head before coming here. That’s why I dunno why I’m so stupid to just bring my 50mm lens. How can i shoot the whole shibuya crossing scene? Of course i cannot go back and take that 13 subway stops just to get my zoom lens! This is the hassle part of travelling with a dslr camera. I brought my 2 lenses with me, but yesterday my bag just got so heavy after walking around all day long so now i have this small lens. I’m also shooting video so this is the camera i bring in my travels. Anyways, what i can do is return here in the next days and just shoot this scene. For the meantime, enjoy the close-ups and medium shots of Shibuya ;p

JK shibuya 3 JK shibuya 8

I crossed the street several times, from different sides, just for the heck of it. It was fun actually. They say that the best view of the shibuya crossing is to go up the building where Starbucks is. But i didn’t do that for now, perhaps when i come back.

JK shibuya 4 JK shibuya 2

I would like you to meet the most loyal dog Hachiko!

The story is, he patiently waits here in front of the shibuya train station every day, for his owner to return. He even waited for the next 9 years after the death of his master. The japanese were moved by the story that they had a statue built in Hachiko’s honor. I only saw the hollywood version of the movie, a bad pirated copy I got for free after buying 5 other dvds. The dvd kept on skipping some parts but the story was touching nonetheless. Moral lesson, no to piracy! ;p

JK shibuya 13
JK shibuya 14 What’s with the surgical masks? Pollution? Virus? Pollen?

Let’s continue walking around Shibuya – I see lots of malls, shops, and restos around. I can also hear loud japanese pop music blaring in the background. I see a lot of young teenagers shopping inside the malls. Good thing, no kuning-kuning caught my fancy. Wait, aren’t you guys getting hungry? Well, I am!

JK shibuya 11 JK shibuya 12

I prefer eating where the locals are. I followed this group of students going down the stairs. I’m sure i will find something good and cheap to eat. I fell in line and the mom in front taught me how to use this vendo machine. Just drop some coins on the image that you want to order, press the button and get a ticket.

After some time, my ticket was called and what I saw inside surprised me.

It was a long corridor with individual cubicles where you can eat your ramen.

Huwow Halukatdat!!!

JK shibuya 13

You hang your coat and bag on the rack behind, fill up a form (type of noodles, level of spiciness, portion size, etc.), then a small bamboo blind lifts up and out comes a hand to get your paper. You get your glass and water in front of you on your left, the chopsticks on the right, the tissue box behind. Then after a few minutes, the bamboo curtain goes up again and the hand magically appears with your bowl of steaming noodle soup. I suggest they do finger puppet show in this small window while waiting for your ramen, hehe ;p

JK shibuya a
Good thing there was english translation
JK shibuya b
the ramen was oishiiiii

JK shibuya d

JK shibuya c
view from my seat

I can hear everybody slurping noisily and boy oh boy, they were slurping really fast. This is the only way to do it – slurp, slurp, slurp! I’ve had several japanese seatmates already and I was still not done with my ramen. If this is a competition, I am definitely losing. You can order extra noodles, meat or egg if you still want some, but me, I’m good. When i got out, the salary man who just sat next to me was already out on the street, ready to go back to work. Now, that’s what i call Fast Food! 😉


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