Going Cuckoo in HARAJUKU part 2

JK harajuku 28JK harajuku 29JK harajuku 9JK harajuku 25JK harajuku 30JK harajuku 31JK harajuku 33

Walked in a daze until Omotesando where I was stopped by some Japanese for an interview in a magazine. They wanted me to write something down on a board about something i thought i understood, then they were supposed to take a photo of me holding it. I wrote down “Follow your (he)Art”, but it wasn’t the answer that they needed. They tried to explain the question but I just didn’t get it, so I said nevermind. Too bad, I would have been featured in a Japanese magazine ;p

I crossed the street to check out Maison Martin Margiela, Commes des Garcon and MOMA Design store where I saw Christian Soriano of Project Runway.

image taken from his Instagram
image taken from his Instagram

JK harajuku 36JK harajuku 37

JK omotesando 29

Haaaay, Harajuku, I heart you!

JK omotesando9JK omotesando1

I followed the crowd and discovered what they were queuing up for – a hawaiian pancake house! Apparently, hawaiian pancakes is a big culinary trend here in Tokyo. I didn’t try it but based on the photos, it’s just a stack of pancakes topped with a variety of fruits and macadamia nuts.

JK omotesando3

JK omotesando6 JK omotesando5JK omotesando7JK omotesando4JK omotesando7

On this street I found the coolest peeps in the world, haha. Everyone here looks original and interesting. That’s why there are a lot of fashion photographers snapping away.

I went inside Laforet but I didn’t stay too long. Nothing really caught my fancy or should i say, some of the things I liked was just too expensive. So, I went on and continued walking, then I discovered this toy paradise.

Imagine, 5 floors of toys, kalurky!

JK kiddy land 8

moomin charactersJK kiddy land 9 JK kiddy land 1

I wanted to buy me some ghibli toys but I am scheduled to visit the Ghibli museum on my last day so perhaps i will find better souvenirs there.

JK kiddy land 7

TOTORO & PONYO 😀JK kiddy land 6


JK kiddy land 13

Kawaii overload, waaaaaaaa 😀 JK kiddy land 14

The technique is to go straight to the top floor then slowly make your way down. This place is overwhelming. I saw a lot of kids begging their parents to buy them some toys and also tourists looking for gifts to bring home. Me, I only got one thing – a ponyo toy to play in the planggana!

image taken from here http://www.thefoodsection.com/foodsection/2009/08/ponyo-toy-chases-ham-in-your-tub.html
image taken from here http://www.thefoodsection.com/foodsection/2009/08/ponyo-toy-chases-ham-in-your-tub.html

JK kiddy land 4 JK kiddy land 3BEARBRICKJK kiddy land 2 JK kiddy land 10TOMY CARSJK kiddy land 11JK kiddy land 12JK kiddy land 15

It’s a bit cold and I am starving. I ended up in this chicken place called Potechao.

The chicken was a bit dry but very filling.

JK omotesando dinner 2 JK omotesando dinner JK omotesando dinner 3

It’s getting late, I have to head back to my hostel, but first I need to navigate the subway on my own. It wasn’t difficult coming here to Harajuku from Kuramae but I ended up getting lost going back home.

JK harajuku night 1 JK harajuku night 2

I was going around in circles, getting off the wrong stop, riding toward the wrong direction, walking out the wrong gate. I am just super tired, all I want is to lie down. I did ask for directions but, i dunno, I think I’m just wiped out. It took me forever, ok not forever, but more like 2 hours to find the right way. Eventually, gratefully, i got home. Haaaaaayrajuku! 


2 thoughts on “Going Cuckoo in HARAJUKU part 2

    1. I love harajuku! It’s my favorite part of tokyo 😀 but im sure if you were with me, i wouldn’t take 2 hours to get home 😉

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