Going Cuckoo in HARAJUKU

So it’s time to head to HARAJUKU, made famous by Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls ;p Though I didn’t see Gwen here, I did see somebody even more famous, I saw JARED LETO!!! More on that later 😀

JK harajuku 12

Got out of Harajuku JR station and took the Takeshita-dori exit, feeling more confident now with my navigating skills in the subway, naks! Saw a lot of young Japanese amidst tourists flocking the small Harajuku street. You can just easily stand still and let the crowd move you.

JK harajuku 1 JK harajuku 2 JK harajuku 14

I did look inside some shops but I didn’t stay too long. Too many people!

JK harajuku 16 JK harajuku 15 JK harajuku 13

Got out of the moshpit and discovered the quiet back streets of Harajuku.

JK harajuku 6 JK harajuku 8

I am really loving this quiet back alleys. Here I saw some houses and gardens, next to small boutiques and galleries, I believe this part of Harajuku is called Ura-Hara. I also saw a salon with a cute haircutter. He was so cute, he had fans! There were students outside giggling and waving at him. He went out to say hi, and even posed for a photo with them.

JK harajuku 7

JK harajuku 35

As soon as the students left, I went inside the salon. I try to get my hair cut done abroad, to get a new hairstyle. The salon looked nice and of course the haircutter looked cute (hahaha para-paraan lang ‘yan!). The people in the salon laughed when I asked them if i can get a haircut. They were probably too shy to speak to me in english and so the cutie pie tried to communicate to me by showing a calendar. Turns out, they have a full sked today so they want me to go back the next day.

JK harajuku 24

JK harajuku 19 JK harajuku 23

Then I found this kawaii heaven 😀

JK harajuku 11

JK harajuku 3

JK harajuku 4 JK harajuku 5

JK harajuku 27

Of course, I cannot leave this shop without buying anything. I’m a sucker for this kind of kuning-kunings!!! Will show you what I got here on my next blogpost. For now, let’s continue exploring…

JK harajuku 18 JK harajuku 21

I decided to sit on the ground and hang out here for awhile. The cherry blossoms just gets me every time.

JK harajuku 20 JK harajuku 10

Then, I saw this guy, he looked quite familiar even with his aviators on. My god, it’s JARED LETO!!! I was surprised nobody on the street recognized him or perhaps the japanese are too cool to take a picture with him. I looked at the image that I shot with my camera, pondering on whether i should approach him.

JK harujuku jared leto

Alas, when I turned around, he was no longer there. Yes, like magic. Poof, gone! I only have this shot of his back and heavenly ombre locks to prove it.

JK harajuku jared leto 2

When I got back to my hostel later that evening, I checked on google if he really was here. And so yes, that was definitely him that i saw. His band, 30 seconds to mars, was set to perform this evening.

JK jared leto

Why oh why didn’t I have a selfie with you Mr. Jared Leto!!!



Last image from here:



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