This is not the first time I’ve been to Japan. My first time was for an I-Witness documentary shoot in Sakai and Kyoto in 2010, but it is my first Solo Travel here in Tokyo. So on my first day, I went to Ikebukuro. I successfully took the train from my hostel (Kuramae) to here (pat on the back). And what I saw was what I envision Tokyo to be. JK ikebukuro 7

JK ikebukuro

JK ikebukuro 11

Screaming logos and colourful fonts on billboards and signs.

Men in their business suits (salary men) walking in a huff to their next destination.

Being here and just watching them, made me smile. I feel like I’m in a Japanese movie.

JK ikebukuro 13 JK ikebukuro 18 JK ikebukuro 10

I noticed a lot of Japanese wearing surgical masks, I’m not sure if there’s a virus going around, or perhaps they are allergic to pollen. And since the cherry blossoms are in full bloom now, a lot of its pollen must be floating in the air. Well, that’s just my guess. Will ask my japanese friends about this when I see them for hanami.

JK ikebukuro 6 JK ikebukuro 4 JK ikebukuro 5

I found a Kinokuniya bookstore and got myself a magazine with free bunny bags, super kawaii 😀 I actually bought it for the bags 😉

JK freebies

We don’t have this kind of freebies in our magazines. The best they can do is insert a free sample of a product in between the pages. Hehe. Here, the freebies are just awesome 😉

JK ikebukuro 12 JK ikebukuro 2 JK ikebukuro 17 JK ikebukuro 9On my map (free from the hostel), I saw a cafe that serves good organic food. It was in the area so i thought of looking for it. Turns out it is a MUJI cafe. There was a queue when I arrived but since I’m only by myself, they easily found me a spot in a big table shared with other customers. Here, i was surprised to find out that I can leave my stuff on the table, even my camera! and just fall in line to order my food. Halukatdat! JK muji 1

JK muji 1

There were no english translation but everything looks so good. I asked them what it was and I ended up ordering a set meal of tofu dish with veggies, glazed chicken, and another cup of veggies with beets i believe. It was all delicious.

JK muji 2JK muji 3

JK muji 4

JK muji 2

I continued to explore the busy streets of Ikebukuro and stumbled upon this small park with beautiful cherry blossoms. It really looks so lovely especially in daytime. I can just gaze at it forever. Le Sigh.

JK cherryblossoms park 1 JK cherryblossoms park 3 JK cherryblossoms park 5

JK cherryblossoms park 15JK cherryblossoms park 14 JK cherryblossoms park 12JK cherryblossoms park 10

I like that there are pockets of serenity in the frenetic streets of Tokyo.

JK cherryblossoms park 7

JK cherryblossoms park 13

JK cherryblossoms park 4 JK cherryblossoms park 8 JK cherryblossoms park 9

I wish I can take a tree home and have my own cherry blossoms right outside my atelier 😉 Or better yet, have an atelier here in Tokyo! I can just imagine myself, sipping tea and looking out my window – Oh, what do i see, poetry as lovely as this cherry blossom tree. Hahaha, excuse me for romanticizing, being surrounded by sakura is making me feel all this.

JK ikebukuro selfie

JK cherryblossoms park 2JK cherryblossoms park 6JK cherryblossoms park 16

I try to believe that I find silence in the chaos, and Tokyo is like that for me now.




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