Destination: JAPAN

Duration of stay: 10 DAYS

Weather: SPRING (sunny and rainy on some days)

Before travelling, I used to ask friends-  is it cold there like Baguio in December or Baguio during summer? Haha. So on this trip, it will be the former.

Items of clothing:

1st row – black longback sleeveless top / longback hitchcock shirt / plaid polo

2nd row – orange racerback dress / gray pullover / mickey mouse pullover

3rd row – gray cotton top / peanuts pullover / kimono-like blouse

4th row – black pants / stretch cotton pencil skirt / black pants cum skirt (basta yun yung eklat niyan)

not in the photo – dark gray jacket, black tank top, black leggings

It may look a lot but trust me, it’s not. I only have 6 tops, 3 bottoms and a dress. The black tank top, black leggings and plaid polo (which will also be an accent piece for daywear, haha) is my sleepwear. The gray pullover will be worn under the other tops if it gets cold. The red kimono blouse is totally for accent only, haha.

JK clothes

Color scheme: BLACK & GRAY. Accents of red and orange.

Style: punky na grungy (haha parang punky brewster)

Outfit Ensemble: MIX & MATCH

Since it’s Japan!!! I want my outfits to be fun and playful. I have accent pieces to mix with the blacks and grays.

I don’t assign my outfits per day, it will depend on the weather and what i’ll be doing on that day. So, i want to be able to wear each item of clothing in different ways. Layering is the key madder packers!

JK cross

JK normal


It is important to know what kind of activities you will be doing, so you know what kind of clothes you need to bring. For this trip, there will be definitely no sport activities for me. The only sport I will be doing is walking, lots of it fo sho!

Since I will only stay there for 10 days, I will bring 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of rubber slippers (for shower). I know I will do a lot of walking and will always need to remove my shoes, so my sneakers and slip-ons are perfect. Comfy yet still fashown!

JK gray top

JK mickey

JK snoopy pants

JK dress hitchcock

Now, I’m all set.

JAPAN, Here I come!!!



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