What does freedom mean to you?

Today is Philippine Independence day and I’m lucky to be celebrating it as a freeman. I have always lived life in twos – Paris and Philippines, Media and Art, now, for the first time in my life, I can focus on one. I am now a fulltime artist based in Manila.

And to celebrate my freedom, I thought of doing something liberating, nothing big, I just wanted to do something for the first time. I brought out my watercolors and painted. Well of course I’m no good, not yet I mean, haha, but whatever. I don’t know anything about painting, I just held a brush and flowed on.

JK first time painting

JK 2nd painting

JK portrait3To further celebrate my independence, I made some egg salad sandwich and ate it in my terrace, overlooking the street with trees, some shops and tricyles. Not the nicest view but I love it here.

JK terrace view JK lunchI decided to not see anyone today, and to not go out & spend. Of course freedom comes with great responsibility, hehe, so I need to change my lifestyle and try to save as much as I can. I adore my space very much so it’s not a problem hanging out here.

I also sat in front of my computer and reedited my personal documentary. I removed some voice overs & music, and shortened some scenes. Now it’s ready for subtitling. I have yet to make a directors cut of the docu but for now this will do.

In the evening, I cooked some pasta with garlic and tuna flakes. C’est delicieux! After hanging out in my atelier the whole day, I then went to my room for movie night. Lights off, surround speakers on, I’m now ready to have my own french film festival in the comforts of my own room!  (Arurumerci to my friend who downloaded all these :p)

JK french filmSo to answer my question, Freedom for me now means being able to have time to just be. Freedom to do what makes my heart smile. Freedom to be completely at peace with meself and to be comfortable to be by myself.


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