JK haring

I first became aware of KEITH HARING’s art during the 90’s. All I know of him then were his iconic figures like this dog on my red shirt that I got from a thrift store. Then I found out that he was a friend of Madonna and that he died of AIDS. Later on I discovered that he also hung out and collaborated with Warhol and Basquiat, other artists that I also like and well, who also had untimely deaths.

JK haring facade JK haring sign

JK haring lobby 2

I finally got to see Haring’s iconic images beyond my red shirt, and now up close at Musee d’art moderne in Paris, where they had a retrospective of his works.

JK haring 24

JK haring 13

JK haring 12 JK haring 16

Jk haring 11

His art for me was very accessible but of course there’s more to it than just doodles. His art speaks of social justice, freedom and change.

JK haring 22

JK haring 17

JK haring warhol

JK haring 7 JK haring 25

JK haring 29 JK haring basquiat

I love how he uses his symbolic and graphic style in conveying his message.

It looks playful and childlike but the issue tackled is very much strong.

JK haring 27

JK haring 6 JK haring 1

JK haring 3

JK haring 2

JK haring 26

The repetitive style of his wasn’t at all tiring.

It was interesting to see how his canvas and medium changes,

from the use of traditional canvas to tarpaulins to sculptures to subway posters and even a dollar bill.

JK haring 19

JK haring 14 Jk haring 8 JK haring 15

JK haring 21

JK haring 5

JK haring 20

JK haring 18

Jk haring 23

Through this retrospective exhibition, I was able to get to know him more.

To me now, he’s more than the red shirt, the friend of Madonna and the AIDS that he died of,

Keith Haring is really so much more.



Keith Haring: A Political Line

Musee d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris

April 2013

Images shot by JK 

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