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As a promise and as a gift, I brought my papadom to Europe and mama to Australia a few years ago. I’m not rich, I carefully saved up for everything. But now it’s my turn, I need to go back to the place that became my second home.

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JK paris bw 9

I am back to my childhood dream, the place that was my everything.

JK paris 38

JK paris bw rue des rosiers

JK paris bw 35

 I am back, but for what purpose?

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JK paris bw 47

Paris became my homebase on this solo travel, my jump off point to everywhere. On my first day, I decided to go back to my ‘hood and revisit my favorite places. Got out of my metro station, looked at my old artist residency, checked out the exhibition there. Walked around my le marais and hung out in my favorite le loir dans la thiere. I felt nostalgic, a bit sad even. 

JK paris bw 33

JK outside cite

JK paris bw 12

The travelling cowboy told me “Don’t think about your purpose there. Dont go back to your usual places, just explore new spaces. Talk to strangers, just enjoy. Don’t think of the past, don’t worry about the future, just enjoy the present. Be happy.”

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JK delpoux 2


JK delpoux a

JK emma

I am grateful to have a family here.

They took me in and made this place truly feel like home to me.

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JK paris bw 21

On my last day, I walked around jardin de tuilleries, and realized that

JK paris bw 39

JK paris bw 45

JK paris bw 34

JK paris bw 41

Paris is still beautiful,

but it is meant to be shared. 

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JK paris bw 1


PARIS Images shot by JK 


2 thoughts on “PARI(s) NOSTALGIE

  1. My dear JK, as they say, LIFE is enjoying the passage of time. Instead of clutching onto the past or fearing the future, experiment with letting go into the mystery of life. Float on the river of time, curious about its direction, open to it’s changing nature. You don’t really know where it’s going, so why not relax and experience the ride…
    I will always thank God for giving me a wonderful Daugther who follows the movements of her heart and see things that are invisible to the naked eye and has the courage to make the impossible dream come true… Our trip to Australia always give a smile in my heart and fond memories as pilgrims – a friend & a loving Daugther that I will always be proud of. God Bless & may you always have my love along with His.-KG

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