JK st art 9JK st art 28

JK st art 7

JK st art 10

Tried to run,

Tried to hide

Welcome to Paris’ gritty side.

JK street art 6

JK st art 12

JK st art 6

JK street art 1

JK urban vertical

We chased our pleasures here 
Dug our treasures there 
But can you still recall 
The time we cried

JK st scene

JK st art 11

JK st scene 2

Break on through to the other side

JK st art 26 JK urban man woman JK street art 2 JK street art 5

I found an island in your arms 
Country in your eyes 
Arms that chain 
Eyes that lie

JK st art 30 JK st scene 9 JK st scene 8 Jk st scene 7 JK st art 22

Break on through to the other side

JK st art 20

JK st art 18

JK st art 19

Made the scene 
Week to week 
Day to day 

JK sreet art 4

JK st art 24

JK urban posters

JK st art 17 JK st art 27

Hour to hour 
The gate is straight 
Deep and wide

JK st art 16

JK urban pompidou JK urban mailbox JK st art 13 JK st art 8 JK st art 14

JK st art 15

Break on through to Paris’ gritty side


* * *

Lyrics by THE DOORS “Break on Through (to the other side)” ;p

Photography by JK (shot in the streets of Le Marais, Belleville, Iena, Opera, Montmarte & Beaubourg in Paris)



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