Solo Travel: P O L A N D

Coming to Poland was not even part of the plan. I wanted to go to Morocco but my friends and other travellers I’ve met warned me that it’s probably not safe to go there by myself. Well, I haven’t been to Poland, so I thought, ok why not.

JK airplane JK airplane 3 JK airplane 2

I asked him to convince me to come. He said their landscape is just like Germany or some parts of France and that there’s really nothing special about it. I was laughing so hard, I told him he’s not doing a good job promoting his country. But, he did say that there’s this really nice guy who would be happy to see me.

JK me

It’s wonderful to meet someone and talk like you’ve known each other your whole life. To converse and not feel time pass by. To say things without feeling judged. To just eat, laugh and enjoy each others company.

JK breakfast JK breakfast cereals JK coffee and cake

I arrived in Krakow and the mood was depressing. It was gray then it started raining.

JK birds JK square

JK SQUARE 3Outside the lost baggage window at the airport, I saw him walking back and forth, looking stressed out because all of the passengers has gone out except me. Lufthansa damaged my luggage so I needed to file a report. I haven’t even gotten out of the airport and it was already bad. When I finally got out, I saw him in his colorful striped sweater; a rainbow after the rain.

JK street art 3 JK hoodie JK tree graffiti JK street art 4 JK street art 2 JK street art 1

For days, he took me around.

Good thing, like me, he also likes hanging out in the cemetery.

JK cemetery 6 JK cemetery 1 JK cemetery 4

JK poland cemetery

JK cemetery 8 JK cemetery 7

We went to the eerie Schindler museum and MOCAK Contemporary Art museum.

JK letter

JK death camp JK dead couple JK poland mocakAte wonderful breakfasts at this nice cafe we discovered at the town square.

JK magnes window

JK breakfast 5 JK dessert

Drove to another town with colorful houses.

JK hse 2 JK hse 1 JK hse 3 JK hse 4

And went to his childhood place where I discovered the end of this rainbow.


I didn’t come to Poland to be knocked out by its landscape, cuisine & scenery,

I came here for the company 🙂