JK akrotiri beach

JK akrotiri tourists ms

JK akrotiri

JK akrotiri couple plusI missed a lot of buses & bus stops and walked forever & ever. Good thing there were people who helped and took me where I needed to be. JK tree boats

JK horse ls

JK me

JK horse

JK field I met a travel agent who brought me to the nearest bus stop. Then, a guy from Latvia took me with his motorbike and introduced me to his boss who owns a bar and offered me a free drink. I also met a really tall Canadian girl who plays for a basketball team in Spain and a Chinese girl who grew up in the U.S.


JK perissa 4

JK perissa 3

JK perissa

It’s really wonderful how you meet people from all walks of life. They are the ones who made this solo adventure all the more memorable.


JK donkey

JK pergos

JK me view

JK water

I even got to visit a cemetery.

JK cemtery 6

JK cemetery 1

JK cemetery 7

JK cemetery 3

JK cemetery 4

JK cemetery 8

JK cemetery 9

And then there was this lifesaver who took me to places where only locals know about.


JK no tourists sunset 2

JK shadow sunset

JK sunset no filter 2

Coming to Greece, I was raring to be blown away.

Here, I watched the sun rise, the sun set and the moon rise – it was magical!

In the end, my experience here exceeded the Santorini in my mind.

  *** SANTORINI images shot by JK 

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