Solo Travel: F I R A, Santorini

All right STOP and halukatdat view

JK fira

here I am , sip-ping mah iced, iced coffee


JK capuccino fredo

here in Santorini,


JK fira 8JK fira 6JK fira 7

Yo! I think I know why I’m loving this place a lot, it’s because it looks like a huge cemetery 😀 I mean, you know me and my fascination with cemeteries, okay you don’t, I love cemeteries and I love hanging out in them. And here in Santorini, I see white houses, churches and crosses everywhere. It feels like I’m so close to heaven.

JK fira 9

JK fira 11

JK fira 2

JK fira 10

In my hostel, there’s this sign that says,

“In Santorini, there are more donkeys than people, more wine than water, and more churches than houses.”


JK fira 4

JK fira 3

JK fira 5


Images shot in Fira, Santorini, Greece

4 thoughts on “Solo Travel: F I R A, Santorini

    1. Hi smalltowngiril! Santorini is truly a beautiful place, i understand why it’s one of your dream destination, It was on my list too. AruruTHANK YOU for visiting the blog, my fellow wanderlust 🙂

  1. You might have said this in an earlier post, but what hostel are you staying at? I want to get to Greece (and pretty much everywhere else in the world haha) and am always looking for accommodations recommendations.

  2. Hi again anne! I stayed at CAVELAND in Karterados. It’s the stop before Fira. It’s a bit far but the place is nice.

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