Solo Travel: Arriving in SANTORINI

I got off the ship and just followed the crowd. Got meself in a bus to town, told the conductor I need to go down Karterados.

I snapped some images along the way, I was just raring to be blown away.

JK tracking 3

JK tracking shot

I heard the conductor shout something but I didn’t understand what it was. I shouted over the crowded bus “Karterados?” but he didn’t respond and then the bus just kept moving. 

Then we were all asked to go down, I don’t know if this was just a stopover. Turns out we’re in Fira, the town center and also the main bus station. 

JK fira bus station

Karterados was the stop before Fira and yah I should have gone down earlier. So, I asked for directions and walked all the way down to my hostel.

JK oia mural JK hanging clothes JK caveland 2

A car stopped in front of me with 2 men asking if i needed help. They looked drunk, hehehe. They did give me directions but not without saying “you are so beautiful, please enjoy our island”. Hahaha greek men, i think they are true blue flirts!

JK selfie JK selfie cu

After walking all the way down the road, past the cemetery, past the hotels, past the restaurants, past the bakery, the church, the windmill and then the tennis court,  I finally found Caveland!

JK to caveland

JK caveland

My hostel seems nice but it’s a bit far from everything.

I still haven’t seen the postcard perfect images of Santorini like the ones we see in movies and travel magazines. The hostel receptionist suggested I go watch the famous sunset in Oia and to get there I need to walk back to, yes, Fira and take a bus to the northern tip of the island.

JK cloudless

Haaay times like this, I wish I know how to drive and to bike or, like what the waiter said in Athens, find someone who can drive me around ;p Places in Santorini are far apart, so you need to rent a car or an atv or take the bus like everybody else. So yah, looks like I’ll be taking the bus.



2 thoughts on “Solo Travel: Arriving in SANTORINI

  1. I love your pictures! I’ve done a couple weekend solo trips but I’m hoping to do something more long-term like you. Keep it up, I’ll be following along 🙂

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