I asked the travel agent in my hostel about Santorini. He offered to take me there with his fast boat and then he said we’ll sail back to the Philippines after. Hahaha..ha..ha. I asked him how much for the ferry ticket, he said “with that smile it’s free”. Hahaha..haha…huh.

JK tracking

It was still dark when I left my hostel in Athens… I can hear my luggage stroller making rhythmic chugudug sound on the cobbled stone ground as I find my way to the train station that will take me to the port.

I saw Athens slowly waking up outside the train window. Interesting to see it’s ‘hood, I wish I had more time to explore. Goodbye Athens! Soon Santorini, soon…

Well, okay not after an 8-hour ferry ride.

JK inside d ship JK lunch JK inside d ship 2

The ship was huge! Felt like I was in a hotel or a mall. All seats next to the windows were immediately occupied so I positioned  meself at the next best spot – near the resto! 😉 Had cookie & coffee for breakfast and calamares & salad for lunch. Wrote on my journal and read my paperback to kill time.

JK toilet window JK toilet view2

The view outside was really nice, even the toilet’s got a good view of the sea. We would stop every so often in Greece’ other beautiful islands. Of course the last stop was the fairest of them all 😉

JK open sesame

10, 9, 8 – I count in my head as I watch the ship’s bridge go down.

7, 6, 5 – I see a sliver of Paradise slowly reveal itself

4, 3, 2 – My gawd, I’m so excited!!!

JK ship crowd JK crowd JK ship




images shot with Lipad my iPad



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