Modern goddess in Athens

What is a trip to Athens without seeing the Parthenon?

What is our entire civilization without the Acropolis?

What is the point of coming to Greece if I don’t get to see where everything began?

JK athens 14

These are the questions running through my head as I try to convince myself to hike up the Acropolis under this heat. The sun is shining too mightily for us mere mortals.

JK athens 20JK athens 16JK athens 15

To make myself worthy of the gods, it is but right to first get a new ‘do.

(or to find an excuse to delay the agony)

JK athens salon 2 JK athens salon 1

JK athens salon 3

JK athens salon 4 JK athens salon 5

Hopefully my new look will please the gods.

JK acropolis 14
Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus

JK parthenon 7

JK parthenon selfie 2

JK acropolis 12

JK acropolis 7 JK acropolis 8

My oh my oh my,

mapapaluhod ako sa mga diyos sa ganda!

JK acropolis 10
JK acropolis 6
Kore Porch (or Caryatids’ balcony)
JK acropolis 5
or the Tomb of Poseidon, featuring the Caryatides statues of six Greek maidens
JK parthenon selfie 3
behind me is a photo bomber and behind her is the Temple of Athena Nike

Now I understand why I needed to suffer under the scorching heat.

It’s the gods way of saying “you are not worthy.”

JK parthenon 3JK parthenon 2

JK acropolis 4
Temple of Olympian Zeus
JK parthenon selfie 4
Felt like a modern goddess amidst the remarkable ruins, naks!

JK parthenon 4JK acropolis 2

Even with the ongoing renovation and restoration, I can still imagine its glorious past.

Aaaaah to be a goddess in those days.

JK parthenon 5
JK acropolis 1
Lykavittos Hill and Athens, as seen from the Acropolis.

JK parthenon 6

Earth to Jazel!

Kailangan ng magkatawang tao muli at iyapak ang mga paa sa lupa. 

Since this is also my last day, I wanted to continue walking the ancient streets of Athens.

JK athens 11 (2)JK athens 10 (2) JK athens 9 (2)

Discovered this shop that is full of character (pati yung tindera karakter!)

It looked like the place was stuck in time.

Everything here is authentic and handmade.

JK athens 13 (2)JK athens 6 (2)JK athens 3 (2)

JK athens 12 (2)

In the evening, I met a local who took me around his motorbike (feeling dyosa!)

Tried a local drink in a pub, watched a concert at a bar and saw the whole of Athens at night from the top of a hill.

It truly was a spectacular view.

JK athens night 3JK athens night 9JK athens night 11 JK athens night 6

Sas Ef̱charistó̱ Athens,

for making me experience what is it like to be a goddess.



Selfies shot with my i-pad, the rest with my dslr 


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