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Life is filled with paradoxes. To truly know yourself, at some point, you need  to lose yourself. To see the best in someone, you need to see first that person at his or her worst. To be able to go back, you must first take your leave. All these paradoxes, Multimedia Artist Jazel Kristin has chosen to live as she revisits the city of her dreams, none other than Paris, with her father, whom she considers as her greatest influence.

As a child, Jazel has been enamored with all things Parisian—a passion that now fuels her desire to create art. During her several sojourns to the French capital, Jazel has landed a residency at the prestigious Cité internationale des arts, and has mounted exhibits throughout France.

Her art, itself, is a paradox—cut-out elements from various photographs she has captured, not only in France, but also in her homeland, as well as other parts of the world, juxtaposed to create a whole picture. Each artwork is a harmonious universe crafted from various, even seemingly opposite cultures.

In her latest trip to Paris, she brings her father, a former photographer of a television network. His photography had paid for his own studies, and eventually allowed him to provide for his family. But as the years passed, his interest in photography had faded. To infuse him with renewed creativity, Jazel decides to treat him to a European escapade—to discover with him new sights and cultures, and to show him the Paris that she loves.

In a touching documentary that Jazel Kristin shot, wrote, and edited, viewers will witness the story of not only a man reviving a dying passion, but also of a father reconnecting with his headstrong daughter, who, in turn, is also struggling to meld her childhood fantasies and life goals.


clip from the documentary



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