Solo Travel: “Land of the gods” ATHENS, GREECE

JK athens 5

JK athens 1

JK athens 3

JK athens 2

For some reason, I wasn’t really excited to explore the tourist sites. I was staying in the hostel right in the old town but all I wanted to do was just chill. It’s weird but I didn’t really care much about the Acropolis, the Parthenon or any of that.

JK athens 14JK athens 15JK athens 13JK athens 16JK athens 19

I arrived late in Athens, the street signs I didn’t understand at all. I checked the paper on how to get to my hostel. I needed to get to Syntagma square but when I boarded the bus from the airport to the city, every sign I saw were all written in greek, well of course. Good thing I sat next to a local who is going down the same stop as I was.

JK athens 8JK athens 7JK athens 6

JK athens 17JK athens 12

I walked around a bit “bangenge” after finishing off my “raki”, my welcome alcoholic drink at the hostel. I didn’t exactly know where I was going, I just wanted to walk around. I saw a lot of ruins, a lot of souvenir shops and a lot of tourists. It was hot, I was hungry and I was just overwhelmed by it all.

JK athens 9JK athens 10

JK athens 20JK athens 7 (2)JK athens 8 (2)

JK athens 5 (2)JK athens 21

As soon as I consumed my first tasty greek meal, experienced the refreshing delight of cappuccino freddo (frappé) and discovered that greek gods do exist, I AM BACK! ;D

JK athens 18

JK cutie 3 JK cutie 2 JK cutie 1 JK athens chococino

Welcome to the land of cute gods,  yummy cappuccino freddos, sandamakmak na ruins and alien alphabet codes –

G R E E C E!

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