Solo Travel (Portugal): PEOPLE I’VE MET

They say we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason. 

JK matosinhos 3 JK matosinhos 2

JK matosinhos 16

On this solo travel in Portugal, I met a French group of friends who are in a theater group in Nantes. I traveled with them to Sintra and met their friends based in Lisbon – a French journalist married to a Polish wife and her nephew who studies graphic design. I then met his friends who are on an exchange program in Porto. I hung out with them and had a late night dinner in their rented apartment where I also met their German friend studying photography. I call them the fruit ninjas. On my last day, we went back to the sea and spent my last hours in Porto with them.

I also met an Irish backpacker who was a fire engineer, a Brazilian student who helps out his friend who owns the hostel where I stayed in Coimbra. Brazilian students studying in Lisbon, German siblings, who is into ships and the other one into numbers, Canadians studying french in France to become teachers, a Chinese based in Berlin, a German engineer, a biochemist and a Portuguese who introduced himself to me and toured me around his beloved Porto.

JK matosinhos 9 JK matosinhos 5 JK matosinhos 7 JK matosinhos 11 JK matosinhos 4 JK matosinhos 13

Meeting them made me feel that I’ve already traveled the world. We may all come from different countries but we all shared that particular moment in Portugal. In these moments of our journey, our lives intersected and to some I really connected. These timings may soon be forgotten but will surely never be taken for granted.

JK matosinhos 14

JK matosinhos 17

JK matosinhos 15

And so I say goodbye with a smiling heart.

Muito Obrigado Portugal!!! 

I am forever changed.

JK matosinhos 6


Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal

Images shot with LIPAD my I-Pad 😉


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