Solo Travel: “Shaking the blues away” PORTO, Portugal (part 4)

I decided to just wander around to clear my mind and get rid of any bad vibes. I’m tired and by my lonesome but I believe a dash of yellow sunshine could shake my blues away.

JK rooftops clerigos

JK church JK rooftops

Slowly, it did.

JK selfie on d bridge2

JK porto bridge 3
Same view, Different day. Gaia on the left, Porto on the right.

JK porto roofs JK duouro river boatsJK porto bridge peeps 2JK porto bridge peeps

I went back to the bridge to see the view that made me fall for Porto even more.

JK porto roofs 3JK porto viewJK porto bridge 2

Then I just let my feet do the walking.


JK local flavor4JK local flavor8JK locals 2

And I wasn’t disappointed, look where it brought me 🙂

JK local flavor
Some local flavor and small town charm.

JK localsJK local flavor2

Oh my PORTO, You’ve rescued me from my Sorrow.

JK local flavor7JK locals3JK local flavor6


JK eclair
The best eclair in town!

JK eclair 2


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