Traveller’s blues in PORTO, Portugal (part 3)

I’m not feeling too well,

I’m starting to get the blues.

JK selfie

I like that almost everything here is within walking distance

JK  porto street bldgs 3

JK  porto street bldgs

JK porto street bldgs

 but I’m feeling a bit tired now

– walking up and down.

JK porto street

JK selfie 2

JK traffic lights

Things are beginning to look the same to me,

JK porto church

JK crossing

JK porto church 2

I’m longing for something familiar.

JK architecture

JK bum

JK crossing the street

I’m in Praça da Liberdade (Liberdade square), seated outside a café. I wanted to order fried fish, rice and salad for lunch but it wasn’t available so I got this arroz polvo (rice with octopus) instead. I’ve been consuming a lot of seafood here in Portugal, they are close to the sea so better try their bounties.  I love seafood but this one I just ate was blech, too salty!!!

JK arroz polvo

JK lunch

JK porto square

Even shiny happy people get the blues.

I need the blues to create a rainbow again.


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