Solo Travel: ” I think I’m in LOVE” PORTO, PORTUGAL (part 1)

It is a bit scary and exciting arriving in a new place. I’m not good with maps so I try to feel my way around. Sometimes I ask people or most of the time I get a bit lost, then I will remember landmarks and eventually I will find my way back. I try to do a bit of research on places to check out but it’s also when you stumble upon a gem that makes the adventure more fun and memorable.
JK park
JK porto houses tram
It was a nice sun shiny day when i got out of the Porto train station. I fished for the paper with the direction to my hostel and walked all the way to the top of the street next to Clerigos church. After catching my breath, I then have to drag my luggage up to my dorm room on the 4th floor.
JK hostel
Staying in a 4-female dorm room. My bed is the one on top near the window.
JK yes porto hostel
  View from our dorm room
JK hostel view vertical
My bunk bed # 3
JK dorm room
That’s Clerigos church on the left
JK hostel view
I came all the way down there to reach my hostel.
JK downtown
The room was nice and clean. We even have a huge window with a view of the street. And even if I was a bit tired from the trip, I decided to go out, have a quick snack, and wander around.
 A puff pastry with meat and fruit juice for my snack
JK snack
Clerigos tower on the left
JK porto architecture 5
JK porto architecture 6
Here in Porto, I was immediately at ease. I already have this feeling that I will prefer Porto over Lisbon. I dunno why, I know it’s too soon to say but something inside me tells me so.
Just look at this! What’s not to love?
JK porto houses 9
JK porto houses 3
JK porto houses 7
JK porto houses 5
 A chorale practicing in a gazebo
JK porto houses 6
JK porto houses clothes
JK porto houses 4
Then I stumbled upon this!
JK street market 1
JK street market 4
JK street market 2
Kids were also selling their old toys 😉
JK street market 9
JK street market 3
JK street market 7
JK street market 10
JK street market 5
JK street market 6
JK street market 8
JK street market 11
My purchases from the street market
JK portugal buys
Red Independent Heart by Joana Vasconcelos at the Ajuda Palace in Lisbon
JK joana vasconcelos red independent heart 1
I ended up buying a small lego pin, a cd of amalia rodriguez (fado portuguese singer), miniature eyeglass (‘coz i love collecting anything miniature), handpainted tile with famous symbol of Portugal (cockerel), the perfect handmade paper heart necklace (similar to Portuguese artist Joana vasconcelos’ installation I saw in Lisbon), a clockwork ring and another gold heart brooch (traditional portuguese filigree). Woot woot! I am one happy shopper 😀
JK tiled church
JK street market B
JK tiled church 2
It being a weekend, every street corner is filled with tables full of bric-a-bracs.
JK porto houses 1
JK porto birds
JK porto houses 2
JK monalisa 1
JK porto houses 10
JK porto houses 11
I find the rustic vibe and even its dilapidation so charming.
JK birds bldgs
JK street art 2
JK porto architecture 3
JK porto architecture 4
JK porto architecture 2
JK street art
JK porto park 2
JK porto architecture
JK porto park 3
JK porto park
Be still my heart!
Oh my Porto, I think I’m in love!!!

4 thoughts on “Solo Travel: ” I think I’m in LOVE” PORTO, PORTUGAL (part 1)

    1. aww aruruteynkyu mabel 🙂 to think it was just my first few hours in Porto when i stumbled upon the street market, i truly was in shopping heaven! would have wanted to buy more but i can’t bring home too much stuff and i also need to budget my money, but yeah i’m happy with my purchases 😀

  1. Hello from…. OPORTO!! i see u enjoyed my city, isn’t charming ??
    I love ur photos too….sometimes i get lost around my own city and love taking photos too and feel the breeze and athmosphere!!
    In case u want to keep in touch from somebody from OPORTO, i am here.
    u can follow my travel and my creative blogs, if u wish.
    Happy summer greerings from hot summer in OPORTO city.
    Hugs, Manuela.

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