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Oh how i miss thee.

It’s been awhile since i dug my toes in the sand and watched the sunset by the sea. So, when my friend Mia Casal invited us to San Narciso, Zambales, I was raring to go.

My friend is a potter who decided to take some time off from teaching to revisit her roots in her hometown. After staying here for months, she fell in love with the people and the place all over again. She then organized this get-together for the community  (first local skimboarding competition) and she also taught the locals some pottery.

It was my first time to feel the clay in my hands and Mia was sure that I would enjoy it. I did! I even made friends with some children from the community, and found ourselves molding donuts and cinnamon buns for our clay avenue bakery 😉

I am grateful to be there and I am very happy for my friend for rediscovering her place and her self again.

As for me, I saw the sea, and i was very happy…


Images shot with LIPAD my I-PAD

For more stories about Mia Casal’s Zambales experience, check out her blog:



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