Solo travel: LISBON, Portugal (part 3)

I’ve realized that it is best to savor moments than to hurry off to the next scene.

It is better to take care of connections than to hop on to the next contact.

JK top gray skies
The past days have been a bit gloomy but Lisbon was still a beauty…
JK colors tram
Take the famous yellow tram 28 to get to Alfama
JK top shot
View from Alfama

Random actions can lead to new experiences.

Coincidences can turn into interesting scenarios.

JK color tram person

JK top cruise
view from Miradouro das portas do Sol

JK top shot ms

JK top roof

I should have been on the bus to Coimbra but I opted to meet up with some people I met yesterday and check out the exhibit by Joana Vasconcellos. Instead of heading back to the hostel soon after, I opted to stay with them, ate egg tarts and had a stimulating conversation in English, Polish & French.

JK rainy

JK color sculpture
Statue of St. Vincent (the city’s patron saint)
JK color tram
Decorative Arts Museum

JK colors trees

JK quaint

Instead of going down my bus stop, I went down near the port to walk one last time on the streets of Lisbon. Instead of speeding up to the train station, I opted to eat a late lunch of bacalao at the same resto where I first dined.

JK leafless

JK trams

JK tram inside

JK tracking street

It’s actually 3 in the afternoon and I should have left at 10 this morning yet I am still here.

Coimbra can wait…

JK street

JK alley

JK top view coconut

I’ve realized that if you open yourself up to the world,

it will surprise you.


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