the ART of JK

Casa San Miguel’s current resident artist Jazel Kristin focuses on the theme consumption for her upcoming exhibit I Consume Therefore I Am which opens on January 12, 2013 at Casa San Miguel Zambales. Jazel started her residency at CASA with a 10-day fast, drinking only cleansing juice, as part of her creative process. She spends most of her time working in her atelier, giving workshop to the community, and going to the beach to watch the sunset.

JK atelier 2

What consumes you as an artist?

JK: Images, memories, stories, dreams, ritual, journey, colors, textures, taste and sound…

What are your inspirations? Is it something you’ve been thinking about for a long time?

JK: The same things that consumes me are also what inspires me.

I’ve been playing with I CONSUME THEREFORE I AM for more than 2 years now. You can say that I was deeply consumed by it. I didnt know then where I will show it but I continued. After this exhibition, I am moving on to another concept that’s been in my head for a long time. Haha, I guess the cycle never ends… we need to keep creating… we need to keep moving.

JK atelier 3

JK atelier 5

How will your upcoming exhibit be different from your previous works

JK: The creative process is always exciting, I’m still playing but now there’s a lot of experimenting.

What do you think are your strengths as an artist?

JK: We are only as strong as our imagination, haha.

I dunno really, all I know is what I know, what I’ve experienced and what I’ve been through. So I just tell my story and hopefully people will listen/see/pay attention.

JK atelier 8

JK atelier 7

What did you learn about the craft of your art (and about yourself) in the creative process?

JK: That there is still so much to learn! That there are always different ways to tell a story. The process of discovering, and failing and learning excites me.

It was difficult for me the first time I was working on this concept but towards the latter part, I’ve learned to just flow on and this is when I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I had to go through the pain for me to heal. I had to suffer to be able to smile again.

JK atelier 9

JK atelier 4

Who are your inspirations/influences to make (this kind of) art yourself?

 JK: Kidlat Tahimik is my cosmic tatay (father), he guided me into finding my own indio-genius dwende. Cheche Lazaro and Howie Severino, whom I have had the pleasure to work with, are my mentors in storytelling. Making art is always about telling a story and in my case I tell it through images.

How does your residency at CASA San Miguel help you?

JK: Here in the Philippines, my art was always on the go. I create collages in my father’s space, my sister’s apartment, my friend’s kitchen but in CASA San Miguel, my art has found its home. This place has healed and inspired me. I call it my happy place. A space where I breathe, think, and create . . .


JAZEL KRISTIN is a multimedia artist and media practitioner whose works have been exhibited at Silverlens, Penguin Gallery, Black Soup Gallery, Blanc Gallery, Alliance Française de Manille,UP Vargas Museum, Shangri-la Mall and Vocas in the Philippines. In France, she has been showcased at MJC in Aubagne, Les Lumieres in Montmorency, Cité desArts, and Centre les Recollets in Paris. She’s been featured in I-MAG Photography Magazine, some French publications and on Philippine television. Jazel concluded her Artist Residency at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris in 2010. She is also a part-time lecturer on the Art of Visual Storytelling, a visual consultant for television and currently a resident artist of CASA San Miguel in Zambales, Philippines.


repost from CASA San Miguel’s FB page


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