Of sunsets and rituals . . .

We are surrounded by water yet I do not know how to swim. The sea scares me, I just prefer to stare… I prefer watching the sun go down, feeling the granules of sand under my feet and listening to the sound of crashing waves, yeah I’m corny like that ;)Who knew I’m a sunset kinda girl.

I’ve developed my ritual when I am here:

– wake up at around 5 in the morning

– start playing (with my art)

– have my 30-minute-wordless-silence breaks at noon

– go back to my atelier to experiment

– play with miguel (my violin)

– head out to the beach at 5

– lie down on the sand, watch the sun set and listen to the waves

– walk back and try to stay away from the stray dogs roaming the street (there must be about 20 of them!)

– play the piano

– sleep early

* chillax with fellow resident artists in between bien sur!

This ritual is connected to my preparation for my upcoming exhibition. Second term of classes will begin this coming month so my ritual will soon change. Insert schedule of teaching selected students from the community about filmmaking and also moving on to book 2 for my violin lesson. Hopefully I get to do that on the beach at sunset 🙂 

This is my happy place, this is where I escape and create. Sometimes I need to be alone and be away from the familiar. I share this with you but sometimes I need to just be.


(images shot with LIPAD, my i-pad)


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