c r e a t i v e p r o c e s s

I am in my happy place, surrounded by nature and enveloped by its natural sound.

I soak it all in – everything in dolby surround.

The whisper of the wind, the falling of leaves, the crashing of waves…

I wake up early in the morning and start playing. I play with fire, I experiment with colors and textures, I do things that I’ve never done before.

I consume lovingly home-cooked meals, take my 30-minute-wordless-silence breaks, walk towards the beach and watch the sunset.

I went through the cleansing process again to bring me back to the moment where it all began. It’s like being in this state of pureness, where I go back to the basics, and take in things that I only need to survive. My mind is clear and everything I touch turns to gold.


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