ode to the sea

I walked my way to the sea, this time I wasn’t alone, I decided to bring Miguel (my violin) to keep me company.

Surprisingly, there were some who recognized me,

Woman: “ma’am baka makidnap ka, bakit ka naglalakad ng mag-isa?”

From afar, a girl shouted “pwede po mahiram ‘yan?” (referring to miguel).

The dogs still think of me as a stranger, I wish for that day when they will consider me a part of their everyday. Soon doggies soon.

I saw this boy that I know, “hi ate” he greeted before running towards the shore to help out the fisherman with his banca. I walked around looking for my place in the sand. I did not bring any camera and I even forgot my phone, I believe it’s better like this.

It was the first time that Miguel met the sea. So for their first meeting, we played Allegreto, Andantino, Etude, Minuet 1, 2 & 3. An instant musical scoring to the fishermen casting their nets into the sea. I love it! I am feeling really really good, it felt wonderful! I even moved the sky to tears. I ran towards the nearest shelter, worried for Miguel, when this stranger spoke to me in broken english “come stay here, it’s okay.”

I sat quietly on the terrace looking out the view, my face is wet but it wasn’t because of the rain. I felt overwhelmed by the scene around me. For awhile, the sea and the sky was in different shades of gray. It was peacefully gloomy, an ominous beauty. Then an old man appeared and broke my reverie. We talked and then he said I could drop by and visit them anytime. I asked him if he’s happy here, he said “Not really, I am lonely.”

Before I know it, they invited me to eat with them – den jang soup, kimchi, sesame leaves and rice. Delicious and comforting, Strange but good, kinda like this moment. I was touched by their kindness so in return I played them my Minuets. Finally, I see a tinge of crimson in the sky while the sea continued to dance in unison with miguel and me.

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