Morning walk

D   R       I   F    T        I  N      G

twigs, sand, dog poop, water, waves . . .

   F       L     O    W  I       N  G

wind, heat, sweat, sky, sky . . .

sun, shine, down, on, me

While the rest are in dreamland, I wandered off on my own with Lipad my i-pad. It’s been awhile since I walked this path. It rained endlessly the past weekends but today the sun decided to come out and play. I ate my breakfast and walked all the way to the beach. I must have been a sight – violet messy-haired girl cloaked in a huge black scarf, playing tunes while strolling. Some of the towns folk and even the dogs (there were a lot!) were eyeing and sniffing me curiously, I nodded and said good morning.

I am feeling good. . .

As I sit down comfortably in this makeshift hut, looking out the beach, with the wind blowing my hair in all direction, I’m thinking – THIS IS THE LIFE! I am excited to continue what I started. I am surrounded by different elements, creative kindred spirits, interesting myths and folktales…

I feel alive again.

images shot in Pundaquit beach, Zambales with LIPAD my I-pad 😉

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