According to Buddhist teachings, Attachment leads to Misery.

Well, I feel this sort of attachment to this place and its people.

The past months, I taught some kids, learned from them, met fascinating people, had interesting conversations and did things for the first time.

Last May 27 was the closing of Casa San Miguel’s summer camp, it was also my first violin recital. I was the oldest in the bunch and it didn’t matter. We were all nervous but I’m sure for the parents, friends &  families present in the jampacked theater, we did great.

During the performance, I know I wasn’t technically good and I made some mistakes but I had a lot of fun. It was not part of the program but I insisted that my teacher Remed perform with me on stage. I had a blast, I believe the audience did too. Some parents approached me after the show and gave me points for showmanship, haha.

I am truly grateful that my friends were there to support and capture my happiest moment to date!

PRACTICE HARD my teacher tells me.

He said the goal is to finish the suzuki book, well my goal is to be able to play Haydn’s Terremoto, haha.

with teacher Remed

One time, Remed listened to me play my assignment pieces online. I played while he type down his comments…

“Play it slow. Super slowwwww”



“Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!”

“Okay, from the top!”

Hahahaha, it was hilarious! I think my Andantino and Alegretto is good but my Etude needs more practice. It’s not really my favorite piece but I continue…

I know I still have a long way to go, I just started learning how to play the violin.  But this is me getting ready to be the best violinist that I can be in the afterlife 😉


I feel totally attach to Miguel (mon violon).  It is exciting to hear the different kinds of sound that it produces; razor sharp notes that slices the air. It’s one of those few instruments that you play really close to you, it’s so intimate, it’s like your pillow that transports you into another realm.

If attachment leads to misery, then I am miserably happy!


*** CREDITS***

Video shot by my friends Pol Mangilog, Lloyd Navera & Ruelo Lozendo. (my friends work for television hence the 3-cam set-up! Halukatdat!)

Aruruteynkyu also to Abbie Lara & Bong Lozano. Casa San Miguel, Coke Bolipata & Remed Soriano.


(background story

2 thoughts on “ATTACHMENT

  1. hi its interesting you went there. i would like to go to that place next summer, but i don’t know how to get in touch with them. Do you have their phone number or email? Thanks for sharing this!

    1. hi ashley, you can get in touch with them through their facebook page, just type casa san miguel 🙂 they will have their next summer camp next year but you can visit the place anytime 🙂 i just saw your blog that you share with your sisters, it’s good that you are all into music. hope to hear and watch you all perform 🙂

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