MIGUEL & ME: the story of a late bloomer and her violin

When I want something, I try to do something about it.

So when I was asked what musical instrument do I want to rock out in my next life, I said the violin.

And so as not to waste time, I got meself one and baptized it Miguel.

So while teaching some kids from the community in Zambales how to make their own documentary,

these kids were also teaching me how to play the violin.

JULIAN AT 5 years old
(found this image on the internet, ain’t he a cutie 🙂
JULIAN at 12

Julian Duque was my first teacher. He was actually the one who let me experience how it is to hold a violin. It was during this moment that I felt this connection with the instrument. Naks! He was also the one who gave in to our request for a concerto. He played so well he made our hearts swell, haha rhyme! But really, he is fun to watch and a joy to listen to. This kid has so much to offer… There’s so much inside of him and he’s just bursting with all this energy that is affecting everybody who watches him. This boy is gonna go places, with a gift like his, I want to be just like him in my next life 🙂

This is Miguel, yep he’s got the same name as my violin 😉  He was the one who taught me how to do the musical scales properly. He also taught me the 4th variation of  twinkle, twinkle little star, the first piece that I learned. I asked him when can I do the vibrato, he said anytime 🙂 Haha, easy for him to say, he started playing the violin at the age of 3!!!

This is now my regular teacher, Remed, he is actually more strict compared to them. Some say he’s the bad boy of the group, must be the bangs 😉 but to me he is an effective teacher. I mean, I can now properly play the violin, aruruteynkyu to him, and I’m actually on my 8th piece already, so he must be doing something right 🙂 I told him I prefer faster pieces to play but he told me that I need to go through the musical scales first and that I need to do it correctly. Yes sir-ee! 🙂

I just watched his solo performance last weekend at Casa and boy was he a delightful surprise! I didn’t know he was that good! He gave a heart-wrenching performance, everybody in the theater felt his passion and emotion. I truly am a proud student, bravo Remed!!!

These kids (kids because I’m much older than them!) all started out in Casa San Miguel and is part of the Pundaquit Virtuosi. They were all trained by no other than the world-renowned violinist, Coke Bolipata. Now, they play alongside him and in fact headed to Europe (Paris-Rome-Venice) this June  for a concerto. Halukatdat!

I watched them perform at Casa San Miguel’s theater hall and I was just in awe. Every note they played tugged my heartstrings. It was also my first time to watch Sir Coke perform and I just wanted to cry. I hear what he’s been saying about art exponents in music. During a conversation before their performance, he mentioned that we will hear some movements of impressionism & pointillism and I really saw it painted by his violin…

I feel that it’s never too late to learn something new…

So here I am at 35 trying to learn how to play the violin from these child prodigies.

Hopefully in my next life, I will be as great as them, but for now I will rock out my version of Twinkle, twinkle

*** performance video of the virtuosi to follow 🙂



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