Featured Artist: VINCENT MOON

PARIS –   I’ve been watching la blogotheque’s take away shows and dreams of not only catching a performance on the streets of Paris or inside private homes but also being part of the crew. So I did what I had to do, I sent them my hopes and dreams, but alas, no news…

Flash forward to 2012

MANILA  – The dream of working for La Blogotheque did not push through but the hope of meeting one of the creators did happen! I cannot believe that he is here, breathing the same humid air! French Filmmaker VINCENT MOON is in the Philippines, Halukatdat!!! 


Tell us what you are doing now.

Riding a bus in Ethiopia

How did you discover your true calling? When was the exact moment you realized that this is what you really want to do?

I never thought of it like that. It happened, one day i look back and realize i have been walking on that path.

What did you go through to get it?

Complete and crazy desire to know everything.

What’s your style and what are your themes?

My style is my style, dont know what else to say about it. You are the one who is supposed to develop on this, not me 😉

What differentiates your style from the rest?

I have no idea what is the rest.

Where do you get your ideas/concepts/inspiration?


Do you have a ritual that you do before you start the creation? .

I stretch my legs.

Walk us through your regular day – do you work on one film at a time or do you do things simultaneously? Do you work better during day time or night time? Share with us your process..

It changes everyday 😉 but its often complete chaos, mixing everything.

What are your weapons of choice? What kind of camera and microphone do you use to capture the moment? What gadgets do you bring when you shoot?

Often people ask me about how i record, film, create those colors etc… it’s all very simple, and here’s my little recipe. I film mostly those days with the Panasonic 171, on which I use a shotgun mic. I record sounds separately using a 4-track recorder, on which I plug from 1 to 4 standard Sennheiser wireless transmitters, using different laveliers, Sanken or Tram. I also use one or two ambient mics if possible on the 4-track , an omni directionnal and an ultra directional being a perfect deal. I often add to all this another isolated small recorder, the Zoom H4N being really good. I then work on final cut pro all of my edits, and even do the color corrections in it. (petitesplanetes.cc)

What is it that you want to say through your art?

Something that I can’t say with words.

How has your works evolved into what it is now?

Constant curiosity.

What fascinates and inspires you? and how does it influence what you do?

Life in general, any elements. Mostly wind and rivers now.

Where do you want to bring your Art?

Around the planet in my bag.

What dream do you still want to fulfill?

No dreams. Just making things.

What keeps you going? What keeps you doing what you do?

The possibilities of developing some new ancient ways of being together.

What is the art of everyday for you?

Every elements.

website _ www.vincentmoon.com 

label _ www.petitesplanetes.cc

As of this interview, Vincent Moon is in Ethiopia filming… This feature is created by Jazel Kristin especially for

The Art of Everyday.” Colored images from his website, black & white photos shot by JK during Vincent Moon’s talk 

at the UP Film Center last March 12, 2012.


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