4 thoughts on “THE ART OF DOING NOTHING ( Sonya’s Garden )

    1. mawj!!!!!!!😀 ça va, ça va?:) yes blue orchids i believe. madame sonya has a nice variety of wild and exotic plants in her garden. i even visited her farm just a few minutes walk across the street. ang makulit yung, itlog ni san pedro plant, can you guess which one it is? at kapag binuksan, mukhang ari ng babae😀

      1. aruru THANK YOU Consuelita for this information:) i had no idea what it was called, thanks for pointing this out. would you happen to know as well the name of the maroon colored plant that is shaped like the “puso ng saging”? A girl working there pointed out that it was an exotic plant but the name escaped her. She told me though that the yellow fruit-like is called mickey mouse and the green hairy one is called itlog ni san pedro😀 I found it all very interesting…

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