savoring singapore


shanghai drunken chicken (cold) and crispy prawn pancake

michie teaching me how to eat the xia long bao



Michie: “You cannot leave without trying their xia long bao.”

Restaurant:      DIN TAI FUNG (inside the Pentagon mall along Orchard road)

Consumed:      My first ever Xia Long Bao, Crispy Prawn Pancake and Shanghai Drunken Chicken

Verdict:           Really enjoyable! I love biting onto the skin of the xia long bao dipped in soy sauce and ginger and then slowly sucking its liquid for that burst of flavor. Yummey!!!!! The tasty prawn pancake was my favorite too.

I noticed that the resto is run by 100 % Chinese, very authentic. Good thing Michie and I arrived early and got a table because there was already a long queue forming outside. This was definitely a great way to jumpstart the day 🙂




Noli: “Naku j, hindi uso tissue rito.”

Location:           Funan Mall Food court

Consumed:       Bobo Chacha (a chidi kong kwayla a butchikik ;p)

Verdict:            It tasted like ginataang halo-halo but this one was with shaved ice but you can order it warm as well.

Noli is a colleague who is now based in Singapore with his family. We met up at this place because this is where his son Nathan takes his guitar lessons 🙂 While eating my dessert, I spilled some coconut milk on my hand and asked for a tissue.  Noli told me they don’t really give out tissue paper here 😉 Hmmm …




Michie: “You should check out this café, I’m sure you will love it.”

Café / Restaurant:     FOOD FOR THOUGHT (right behind the Singapore Art Museum)

Consumed:               Chocolate Chip & Banana Pancake

Verdict:                    Supah dupah good! But I got umay after a while so I wasn’t able to finish it. Great ambiance 🙂 I could see meself hanging out a lot here. If I have the opportunity, I would definitely come back and try other dishes.

When I got tired walking around under the heat, this is where I decided to take a break. The place was packed when I got in, good thing they were able to squeeze me in. The placemats had different food for thought phrases on it, mine was INSPIRE KIND ACTS. Well, I have yet to inspire myself to be kinder to my tummy.

Have to cross out another must-eat here at SG, met up with Michie for dinner at the original Wee Nam Kee…


organized chaos
half roasted, half regular hainanese chicken

uy smile ka pa dyan, bilisan mo miswa ;p
cereal prawns
michie: maybe we should have our left-overs wrapped. moi: and then who do we give it to? wala naman atang pulubi dito. michie: ah sa taxi driver?! moi: nye!



Michie: Omegawd J! We only have 10 minutes to finish everything or else we won’t make it!”

Restaurant:     WEE NAM KEE

Consumed:     Cereal Prawns, Hainanese chicken (roasted and regular), Kangkong with oyster sauce, Lemon Juice

Verdict:         Aylavet! I like this kinda place, it definitely has character. The chicken was really delicious, though the cereal prawns in No Signboard Restaurant was better (but this wasn’t bad at all).

Michie and I are watching a contemporary dance performance at the Esplanade which was about to start in a few minutes. We ordered up a feast and we had to consume everything in 10 minutes! Good luck naman! We then decided to take a cab and asked the uncle driver (everybody here is called uncle and auntie) to fly all the way to the venue or else we won’t make it. Uncle driver said it’s impossible lah. No shortcuts for these taxi drivers, they really drive by the book which irritated Michie so even if we haven’t fully stopped at the venue, she opened the door, jumped out and ran to the ticketing office. In the end, we did not make it in time and had to watch the 1st half of the show outside in a tv monitor. Ayayay. At least we didn’t watch it with an empty stomach 😉


ice cream on a popsicle
fruit berries tart


my plate
halukatdat tantamount amount!



Us: “Kuya, wala ba kaming discount?”

Where:           Chocolate Bar (buffet) at the observation deck of Marina Bay Sands

Consumed:     different kinds of dessert with chocolates

Verdict:          tumatagingting na SG $ 45 (per person)

Instead of paying $22 to just go up and see the view from the Sands SkyPark, we made a reservation at the Chocolate Bar to experience their buffet. We thought it was a good deal – see the view while stuffing ourselves up with chocolates.  I was still very much full from all that eating (from xia long bao to bobo chacha to pancakes to roasted chicken to this!) but I thought it’s not everyday that I’m here so might as well indulge.

When we reached the 57th floor, we were amazed by what we saw. – there were tons of people, those who were walking around in their bathrobes and posing at the pool area and those just like us, who were in it for the view. I tell you, it all looked so tacky!

Met a kababayan who was working at the chocolate bar and told us their specialties. But me, I was just too full to really enjoy it. Inokray okray na lang namin yung tao at yung lugar, hahaha. At around midnight, everybody on the pool was asked to leave but Michie and I had other plans. We sneaked up and waded on the pool to take photos, hahahaha, until a guard asked us to get out of the water. Hehehehe, SOLB! sulit na ang aming bayad 😉



check out PART 1 of Savoring Singapore 🙂



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