They say that a trip can change your life.

Well mine did, 5 years ago.

It was a trip that forever changed me. . .


this entry is not about that, haha, this thought just popped in my head while watching a dvd. It has nothing to do with what I was watching, like this intro has nothing to do with this entry. But all the same, this is about another kind of trip, FOOD TRIP in SG.

So here is what I’ve consumed, in chronological order.

Why? Lah lang. I mean, why not 😉



Here is my friend Michie, who by the way was fresh from yoga and me fresh from the plane and before that fresh from the salon. Yes, I brought my luggage to the salon to get a new ‘do then went straight to the airport and voila I’m in Singapore. Notice my luggage? I’ve always wanted to travel without any checked-in baggage and this time it came true. Hahaha. It just felt good to be able to get out of the plane and just walk out of the airport. Just like that, Yeah!

Ah oui, back to the food trip…



I gave Michie the liberty to choose my first meal and finally she decided to bring me to Marché. It is sort of like a food court, sabi ko nga mala Triple-V, haha, serving an assortment of food syempre. They gave us plastic cards mala credit card that they swipe every time you order in different booths and then at the end of the meal we pay for the amount that we acquired from the card. Galeng noh. What a new experience, let’s charge it to that 😀


winner caesar salad
duck and hoisin pizza
the bomb! salmon rosti with sour cream & lemon


 My welcome dinner!

not typical Singaporean but I say it was multicultural 😀


We decided to go to TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto) for breakfast
michie's order - sausage & egg muffin sandwich
mitzi dropped by to say HI 🙂 before returning to her class which was very near michie's hotel
mine was english muffin served 2 ways (one sweet, one savory - just the way aha aha i like it!)


After catching up with the girls, I wandered off alone… on foot… from Orchard road all the way to Arab St. I don’t know how many kilometers I trod but I tell you it was faaaaaaar. I have this thing against fast-speed escalators which is all over this fine city so I would rather walk and see the sights than be stuck in a tube. Naks, palusot.



and then suddenly I was back home. I stumbled upon MANILA STREET! yun ang huwow halukatdat! This is what I love about aimless wandering, you discover gems, more precisely I discovered pearls. PEARL MILK TEA!!!!!! I’m a sucker for this, I love this, so after being under the heat for hours I decided to give myself a break and get me one of those pearly milk tea.


one green pearl milk tea please
waiting for my koi


I continued walking and shooting and looking around and walking again when finally I received signals from my tummy. It’s time to eat  lunch at 3 in the afternoon.


bugis junction
uy si papadom!
chicken rice at Bugis junction food court


I was a bit overwhelmed by all the choices, everything just looked so yummy. I finally ended up with this chicken rice which was also good. It doesn’t look much but it was satisfying.


the durians
nice catching up with kay and michie, reminiscing about our good ol' Probe days
fried rice and cereal prawns
spicy sweet crispy squid & bokchoy greens


In the evening, I met up with the girls at NO SIGNBOARD Restaurant in Esplanade Mall.

This is where I had the BEST. CEREAL PRAWNS. EVER ! ! !

Never mind that the others couldn’t make it for dinner, us three have easily wiped out the meals. It truly was good, not life-changing, but epic! Then we headed to a bar for some drinks and chat till wee hours of the morning. . .




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