Mornings like this . . .

my atelier at 6am


Mornings like this I remember waking up in my atelier, playing tunes from The Morning Benders just like now, looking out my window, watching the bateau mouche cruise by the river Seine. I then make myself a cup of vanilla tea but right now I’m sipping coffee.



I do my morning exercise while hearing faint sounds of piano or cello in the background. This always put a smile on my face, waking up in my own space with a killer view surrounded by kindred spirits, I just feel grateful and truly blessed to be in this moment.



Flash forward to now… I wish I can do my morning exercise but I’m just too weak but doing something with my hands again strengthens me. I go back to my belief that my atelier could be anywhere (it used to be at a friends kitchen, my fathers bedroom in the province and my sisters rented apartment) but now with this holiday and upcoming handmade art fair, I started creating again.



D E C O U P A G E   This word appeared in my dream one time. As in that word written in my reverie. Wait, I will look for it in my journal… Ok here it is…

1 JANUARY 2008

I don’t remember the scene of my dream but I remember the word. It was a message telling me that I could get by with this, that I could survive just by creating…



Hahaha, I remember it being more prophetic than this. Anyways, that’s what I’ve been doing the past days. Cutting and pasting while sneezing and coughing. Healing through creating. Surviving…


images shot in my atelier at Cité des Arts, Paris

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